Protect your Business and your Customers from Counterfeit Supplies

It really wasn’t so long ago that when I heard the word ‘counterfeit’ I thought of crisp $100 bills, Rolex watches and Louis Vuitton handbags—you know, high-end merchandise. But today, it seems that counterfeit knows no boundaries. In mid-January, USA Today reported that the value of counterfeit merchandise exceeds $1.7 trillion, and just yesterday I saw an article warning consumers about fake body lotion. Yes, counterfeit lotion! Imagine spreading that on your skin! As for being safe, who really knows?

It should therefore come as no surprise that there’s a thriving trade in counterfeit printing supplies. How big? Pretty big. Gap Intelligence, for example, reported that seizures of counterfeit toner and ink by customs agents in the European Union customs increased markedly over previous years, with overall counterfeit seizures increasing 14% from 2014 to 2015. The Imaging Supplies Coalition estimates that counterfeit supplies account for around four-percent of all sold supplies and cost printer manufacturers approximately $3.5 billion annually.

Why risk getting into hot water?

Typically, fake printer supplies have tremendously high failure rates and damaged reseller-customer relationships. Worse yet is the potential legal hot water that comes from selling counterfeit—even if completely unintentional. Printer manufacturers are vigilant about counterfeit detection and prevention. If found to be selling fake supplies, again resellers can find themselves in a world of expensive trouble.

Often, OEMs will send a reseller a formal Cease and Desist letter demanding stoppage of all counterfeit sales, surrender and destruction of all counterfeit inventory, and identification of all sources. Other OEMs may take a harsher approach and sue the reseller, demanding in addition to the aforementioned, remuneration for lost revenues and other punitive damages. This is all on top of the legal defense fees the reseller incurs. It begs the question: why risk getting into hot water?

Identify an authentic from counterfeit and sleep easy

Counterfeiters, of course, don’t make it easy to identify fake products and this facilitates inadvertent commingling with authentic items at any number of points in the distribution chain. So, what do you do to protect your business, your reputation, your financial welfare, and your customers from counterfeit supplies?

Today, I’m pleased to tell you about the Genuine Xerox Scan App. With it, you can validate the authenticity of individual Xerox supplies in just a few seconds from your smartphone or tablet. With it you can eliminate potentially costly legal ramifications from inadvertently selling counterfeit Xerox supplies while guaranteeing your customers receive precisely what they’d ordered from you: authentic, high-quality Xerox products. Sleep easy knowing you’re protecting your business, your reputation, and your customers. Download the Genuine Xerox Scan App on the App Store and Google Play store.

Promote the Genuine Xerox Scan App to your customers

The Genuine Xerox Scan App is also for your customers, and they’ll love you for telling them about it. First and foremost, if they’re participants in the Genuine Xerox Rewards program, our customer loyalty program that rewards customers for their supplies purchases (and because they purchased from you, doubles their reward points), it’ll greatly simplify how they credit their accounts.

As an additional benefit, the app also performs the same authentication check as it will for you, validating for them that the product they’ve purchased from you, their trusted provider, is indeed authentic. For you, and for your customers, it’s a win-win.

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