Earn Trust with Customers by Selling Xerox Genuine Supplies

Gaining trust with customers is a top priority for Xerox Channel Partners, and ensuring the products they sell offer maximum performance and reliability is a fantastic way to earn this confidence. Selling Genuine Xerox Supplies guarantees customers receive the quality they deserve and helps you maintain a reliable revenue stream.

What’s more, it can increase your sales revenue by 80%, boost customer satisfaction and enhance your reputation — all at the same time. It’s a win-win for all!

If you’re wondering how then read on.

When Conversations Get Awkward

How do you respond when customers tell you they purchase their supplies elsewhere? Maybe they’re buying cheap cloned cartridges, counterfeit products or supplies from suspicious sources? Who’s to know?

At this point, the easiest response is for Channel Partners to shrug their shoulders, concede defeat and move on. After all, what can you do if customers seem intent on buying cut-price supplies, such as cartridges from questionable suppliers?

But don’t give up. With the right approach, you can win back these customers and grow your relationship with them. Rather than reading out the riot act, it’s more about convincing them to choose Genuine Xerox Supplies every time — because it’s good for them too.

What’s in it for Me?

Recapturing the battleground for supplies sales can be a challenge, but also an opportunity. Building loyalty takes time and effort, but it’s an investment that pays off. Below, we lay out the reasons why Channel Partners should focus on Genuine Xerox Supplies sales and how customer trust plays into the equation:

  • Recurring revenue: Xerox supplies are a lucrative sales opportunity. In fact, you could be missing out on up to 80% of your potential revenue*. To put it another way, when you sell a Xerox colour printer, your follow-up sales of supplies can reach more than six times the value of the original hardware deal.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: When your customers choose Genuine Xerox Supplies, you can be sure they’ll get the maximum performance and reliability from the Xerox printer you supplied. Otherwise, they may unfairly blame you for the shoddy results that were actually caused by the sub-standard supplies they purchased elsewhere.
  • Stronger reputation: Offering Genuine Xerox Supplies from authorized distributors is the way to build trust with customers. They’ll know your products will always keep their hardware running smoothly, protect their investment and deliver the best results. Buying from you is the safest option when print really matters.

What’s in it for My Customers?

Completing a sale is just the beginning; not the end. Channel Partner success requires repeat sales and recurring revenue models. So, what keeps customers coming back? The four reasons below are compelling facts to consider:

  • The true cost: Some customers may obsess over price and think the cheapest supplies are the answer. But it’s worth explaining the real cost. Shoddy results can mean poor yields, wasted paper, missed business deadlines and printer breakdowns that lead to expensive repair bills. In sharp contrast, genuine Xerox Supplies are quality-assured and can come with a lifetime warantee.
  • Protecting their investment: Buying a Xerox printer and then switching to sub-standard supplies is like throwing away money. Damage to their printer caused by Non-Xerox supplies is not covered under any Xerox warranty or service agreement. Customers have paid for that already — so why go ahead and invalidate something so valuable?
  • Unsettling facts: It’s worth explaining to customers that supplies, such as ink cartridges from dubious sources may be harmful to their employees and the environment. Imitation products may be illegal too. And it’s widely acknowledged that counterfeit goods can be woven into organised crime, alongside tax evasion, illegal drugs and human trafficking. Choosing Genuine Xerox Supplies gives you peace of mind. Customers and Channel Partners should check labels carefully to ensure their supplies are authentic.
  • Earn reward points: By enrolling in the Genuine Xerox Rewards program, customers can earn points every time they buy genuine Xerox supplies. In fact, you can create your own promo code here and give your customers double reward points for their qualifying supplies purchases, which is another reason to keep buying from you. And if the cost of supplies is a key issue in a significant deal, then ask about Contracted Pricing so you can sharpen your proposal and win through.

Ready to Fight Back?

Genuine Xerox Supplies are good news for you and your customers. The points we’ve raised are ideal to stress when supplies are discussed. But you can go further and take the initiative — by spreading the word using the extensive marketing toolkit we have available. Also ask your Xerox account manager about marketing development funds if you want to run a campaign.

For more tips and tools on how to nurture your current customers and get more business, read How to Increase Business with Your Current Customers.


*Supplies profit is calculated over the life of the printer, with 1500 pages printed per month and 70% of output at 20% colour coverage.

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