Voice Recognition for Your Xerox AltaLink Multifunction Printer

The full name is Global Artificial Business Intelligence, but you can call it Gabi® Voice. It allows you to give a verbal command to your Xerox AltaLink MFP and execute your command seamlessly. Currently, Gabi Voice is available only in the U.S. market.

Our partner, Gabi Solutions, developed Gabi Voice to support section 508c of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which governs accessibility of information technology in the U.S. federal government. This means that workers of all abilities will be able to use several functions on your AltaLink MFP simply by stating the wake-up word, “Gabi,” followed by an intuitive command – regardless of visual impairments, learning disabilities, or limited motor skills. Just about anyone in your workforce will be able to use Gabi Voice with minimal training.

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Tell your MFP to copy, scan to email, fax, print securely, or to initiate a service request. This video shows you how:

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Your Information Is Secure

Gabi Voice is a secure solution that you can count on:

  • Whitelisting: Gabi Voice only performs functions that are pre-programmed.
  • Storage and Encryption: All data is encrypted, and no data is stored.
  • Voice Activation and The Wake Word: Gabi Voice only begins to listen for pre-programmed commands when a user says “Gabi…”
  • Frequent, Auto-Updates: Security patches can be proactively applied.
  • Security Certifications: Gabi Voice and all SaaS offerings of the Gabi Smartbox meet the following security guidelines and certifications set forth by IBM Watson.
    • ISO 9001, ISO 1400, ISO 50001, OHSAS 1800, Privacy Shield, DAL09, PAR01, HITRUST, ISO 27018, ISO 27017, ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, FISMA, NIST, GDPR, 508(c)

Voice Recognition Improves Productivity

No need for manuals, icons or menus. Voice commands save time because they are intuitive and can be spoken in any order without clicking through multiple menus. For example, the command “Gabi, make 10 copies black and white double sided” or “Gabi, make 10 copies double-sided black and white” is interpreted the same.

Gabi Voice BrochureGabi® Voice: A Print and Copy Solution
Read the brochure for more details on Gabi Voice.

Intuitive Voice Recognition Complies with Federal 508c Regulations

Gabi Voice complies with federal 508c regulations and guidelines for technology that helps people with disabilities, such as blindness, low vision or limited dexterity. The voice-activated user interface uses natural language input and adapts to variances based on user speech patterns, such as accents or speech impediments, which makes Gabi Voice useful for everyone who uses the MFP. When Gabi Voice detects a command, it uses a corresponding set of machine-executable actions from a whitelist of known functions. Gabi Voice will only perform actions that have been pre-programmed.

Initiate a Service Request

If your AltaLink needs service, tell Gabi to initiate a service request. It will gather the pertinent service information from your MFP (such as the serial number), and generate an email to your service provider. Consult with your sales representative on this function to confirm that your service provider can take advantage of this capability.

DIY Hardware Installation

“Do it yourself” installation means you don’t need technical experience to install Gabi Voice. The hardware uses a 5.1 volt micro USB power adapter that is UL approved, and it is covered by Gabi Solutions’ warranty for one year. The kit includes:

  • 1-to-1 Gabi Smartbox: An Ethernet/USB/Bluetooth equipped micro-controller that communicates directly with your AltaLink MFP.
  • Speaker: An on-premises dedicated and integrated microphone/speaker that helps you talk to your MFP. A USB connects the speaker directly to the Gabi Smartbox.

If you need support from Gabi Solutions, you may contact them at 888-414-GABI, or send an email to support@gabisolutions.com. Remember, Gabi Voice is available only for Xerox AltaLink multifunction printers.

How to Buy Gabi Voice

If you want to offer your customers industry-leading technology and innovative solutions that help them work better, visit the Xerox Global Partner Program site to learn more about becoming a Xerox channel partner today.

Gabi® and Gabi Voice are trademarks of Gabi Solutions.


*This post originally appeared on the Xerox Connect blog.


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