It’s Not What You Do; It’s Why You Do It

Channel Partners - Thank you for believing in what you do. Thank you for inspiring us to innovate, thank you for helping us grow.
Channel Partners – Thank you for helping us grow. – John Corley
I recently stumbled onto Simon Sinek’s TED talk: How great leaders inspire action – and found that its message resonated with me deeply. It seems to have resonated with others too with nearly 23 million views.

What, How and Why

In the video, Simon explains why some leaders and organizations are able to inspire, while others are not. He puts it down to the “What”, The “How” and The “Why”. He says that every organization knows “What” they do. Some know “How” they do it, but very few know “Why” they do it – and by “Why” he means- your purpose, your cause, your belief. Why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed every morning?

What is your purpose – your belief?

I’m fortunate enough to work with inspirational people and channel partners every day. Sometimes it is an Authorized Sales Agent who says “the process for making a service call is a headache for customers – let’s change that” and creates an MFP app using Xerox® ConnectKey® to take care of the entire process in a single click. Sometimes it’s a Xerox Concessionaire who sees how beneficial Xerox’s Automatic Supplies replenishment technology could be to their customers and starts a managed print revolution in their business, and in doing so transforms themselves into a services and solutions provider. With each story, there is a common thread: innovation, and a passion to make work simpler, better, easier.

Innovating the way the offices work

When it comes to offices, what role does print play for doing work? That’s what ethnographers from our Xerox Innovation Group in Grenoble France and PARC set out to understand. They found there are five reasons that people print:

  • We print to read a document
  • We print to share a document
  • We print to store a document
  • We print to sign a document
  • We print to annotate or make comments on a document

So we said to ourselves, what if we could offer a digital experience that’s as good as, or better than paper in all of those use cases? That’s what Xerox Digital Alternatives is.

  • It is intuitive, there is no training required
  • It works with all document file types
  • It can be integrated with Activity Directory for authentication and Microsoft Exchange for work team collaboration

With Xerox Digital Alternatives*, our channel partners can demonstrate how their Managed Print Services (MPS) offering helps clients print high value content more productively, and prevents low-value content from getting printed in the first place.

Innovating the way channel partners grow

Talking of MPS, Xerox Partner Print Services is a great example of how Xerox is helping our channel partners grow. Indeed, our most successful channel partners tell us that being able to sell MPS helps them to safeguard their existing customer base, and win new business with new clients in new industries. They are the ones thinking beyond break/fix and asking how they can help their customers do more, and do it better.

Why innovation

We believe that innovation is key to finding a better way to work, and the desire to make our solutions available to everyone is what keeps me motivated and inspired.

As Simon Sinek says, “Very, very few people or organizations know why they do what they do.”

At Xerox, we know our why, if you are a Xerox Channel Partner you know, too. Thank you for believing in what you do. Thank you for inspiring us to innovate, thank you for helping us grow.


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*Xerox Digital Alternatives is being launched to channel partners across the globe over the next 12 months. Check with your local Xerox Business Manager for specific dates.

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