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5 Legacy Sales Techniques That Can Harm Business Growth

By |May 25, 2017|

In today’s self-serve buyer’s journey, 57% of the purchasing decision is complete before a prospect makes contact. It’s a new way of doing business, and it requires a modern approach to sales. Here’s how to update these 5 legacy sales techniques for today’s business world.

Building Content for the Sales Funnel

By |May 22, 2017|

A good content strategy is critical to demand generation. Here’s how to choose the right topics and map them through the 3 sales funnels to ensure maximum return.

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    Protecting Your Customers from Data Breaches – The Big Four

Protecting Your Customers from Data Breaches – The Big Four

By |May 18, 2017|

When it comes to SMBs many underestimate the risks to their data, or look for leaks in all the wrong places. Here are four unappreciated facts to challenge their perception and help you uncover opportunities to protect them from becoming the next big headline.

Five Website Trends for an Exceptional Buyer’s Journey

By |May 11, 2017|

Today’s customers expect seamless, consistent experiences across your digital and business locations. By taking the time to extend the local journey online, you’re delivering on those expectations to prospects, before you meet.

Give Your SMB Customers the Power to Go Digital

By |May 4, 2017|

How the New Docushare Flex Packages ECM for Small and Mid-Size Businesses
As most channel partners know, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) tend to rely on inefficient