Transform Your Customer Service with Mobile Tech

Excellent customer service is undisputedly one of the most important factors in a company’s ability to grow, and it affects businesses in big ways. When customers are delighted with customer service, they easily become marketers on your behalf – resulting in customer evangelism, which is a truly effective marketing tactic.

On the other hand, unhappy customers complain, write bad reviews, seek other options, and permanently close communications between themselves and companies, detracting from your hard work.

Today’s mobile evolution is changing entire industries. It gives us constant connectivity and enhances customer service by empowering companies to react in real time – think transportation, such as Uber or Lyft. In fact, at Xerox, we continue to see the rapid evolution of mobile device adoption as the demand for mobile tech continues to skyrocket, and we’re responding with our own Xerox branded mobile offerings.

Now, mobile technologies are expanding to the mobile workforce, such as delivery drivers and service technicians, making this an opportune time for Xerox channel partners to embrace mobile tech for customer service.

Here is why:

Geolocation Is Trending

By definition, geolocation is “the process or technique of identifying the geographical location of a person or device by means of digital information processed via the Internet.” Simply put, whether you’re waiting for an Uber and watching the driver traverse a digital map, or subscribed to an app to see your child’s whereabouts, or scrolling through a social media feed, that device you’re carrying is aware of your location – and it’s changing the way we do business.

Geolocation Isn’t New

The first handheld GPS device was released in 1989. A decade later, the first mobile GPS phone went to market. [1]  Today, we watch drivers move across a digital map on route to pick us up. As you can see, along the same trajectory as other emerging technologies, geolocation is evolving quickly and becoming more widespread. Soon we’ll forget how we managed before it existed

Marketing and the Geolocation Explosion

In Why you Need to Think Local When it Comes to Your Website, Andy Hill, Head of Digital Mastery, Xerox Global Channel Strategy, highlighted the growing popularity of geolocation for advertising. In that article, he used an example of a wildly successful geo-based ad campaign used by Denny’s restaurant that proved the effectiveness of location-based marketing.

Having ads served to you based on where you are at any given time, isn’t a coincidence, but is it creepy? Some think so, but more of us are growing accustomed to sharing our locations. In fact, Microsoft conducted a study that supports the normalization of location tracking. According to results, 99.6% of consumers are willing to share their location information in exchange for cash. [2]

Geolocation as a Customer Service Differentiator

Imagine dispatching a service tech to a customer’s location and providing a mechanism for live-tracking the driver’s location on a map. The customer knows when they’ll arrive and isn’t wasting time wondering and waiting. The entire experience would be more efficient. This technology exists today via the GlympseApp.

Now, imagine the same scenario with an added feature that allows the customer to message the driver. Suddenly if the meeting location changes or the customer is running late, the driver will receive a message and both parties can converse, change plans, and (most importantly) save time. The GathaApp provides in-app messaging in addition to mapping the driver’s arrival.

Customer Service Field of Dreams

Providing this level of scheduling detail, rather than a four-hour service window is catching on and it’s already revolutionizing the way customers receive service calls. Xerox channel partners are in the perfect position to become early adopters and leverage this mobile tech trend as a marketplace differentiator.

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