Is it Important That Your Sales People Believe?

Editor’s note: Lifetime Printer Warranty is currently only available in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria and Switzerland.

Carlo Longhi there has never been a better time to believe that Xerox printers and Xerox Genuine Supplies can build you a profitable business
There has never been a better time to believe in Xerox printers and Xerox Genuine Supplies
It’s a long running debate amongst sales people: do you need to believe in the product or service you are selling in order to be a great salesperson?

On one hand it does seem possible to understand the prospect’s pains points, tailor a solution and ultimately to close the deal – all without believing. However, my view is that unless those sales people are extremely good actors, belief is the only thing that will create the passion and conviction needed to be truly successful.

Wake up and smell the money!

Believers want to get out of bed in the morning to come to work. They are motivated, driven and hungry. They are proud of the company they work for. They believe the products they sell are best in class and are better than the competition. As a result, they believe in themselves and are achievers who become highly valued members of your team.

One thing I’ve learned speaking with our channel partners over the years is levels of belief are really heightened when the vendor puts its neck on the line to demonstrate just how good their product is. When vendors do this it sends unequivocal messages of confidence to those on the sales front line.

The power of a warranty

Everyone loves a warranty. It says the company believes in the quality and longevity of their product.

But what happens when every vendor offers them and takes the same stance on cost and risk? Surely it homogenizes all products on the market, making warranty promotion just ‘business as usual’? This makes it difficult to differentiate and harder for salespeople to persuade customers that they are selling superior products.

Industry leading: lifetime printer warranty*

Feedback tells us customers want more. They want printer warranties to extend beyond the 1-3 year industry standard. And it’s exactly this type of feedback from you, our partners, that has encouraged us to break out of the competitive deadlock and develop our current Xerox Lifetime Warranty.

We believe in the quality of our printers and supplies and have put our money where our mouth is. Customers now have the opportunity to extend their warranty, just by purchasing Xerox Genuine Supplies. So, when your customer purchases a printer we’ll give them a warranty that will last for the expected lifetime of the printer – as long as they always use Xerox Genuine Supplies.

Earn more with Xerox

When I started my selling career I felt as if I had to take a leap of faith in the products I sold. Today with the security of a competitive warranty and the amount of third-party research available online, I think there’s never been a better time to believe that Xerox printers and Xerox Genuine Supplies can build you a profitable business.

I’d love to hear your views and also about how you’re using these promotions to help your business.

*“Xerox Lifetime Warranty” is a renewable 12 month Xerox warranty free to claim over lifetime of eligible equipment, subject to buying full set of specific Xerox brand supplies within 60 days preceding the anniversary of the warranty and other terms at Limited to equipment purchased during 01/09/2015 to 31/08/2016 in United Kingdom. Equipment’s lifetime is subject to limits, such as page count, working condition and product obsolescence.

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