Data Security and Print Technologies: What You Need to Know

As individuals, we love mobile devices and the freedoms they represent, especially in the modern workplace where dispersed teams and work-from-home days are increasingly common. As a result, many businesses are in a constant struggle to stay a step ahead of the next security breach while giving employees BYOD and the flexibility of mobility they expect.

Companies in the EU are grappling with this now. Beginning in May 2018, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), a new policy, is set to levy significant financial repercussions if and when non-compliant networks leak consumer information. That coupled with large breaches such as the recent Experian debacle in the US are adding loads of fuel to business-class security conversations.

Threats Come in Many Packages

True, any network-connected devices including printers and copiers are vulnerable to attacks from a plethora of sources: disgruntled employees, cloud-computing vulnerabilities, employee-owned devices, data leakage, breaches, honest mistakes, and external hacking – to name a few. Most customers understand these threats. What they may not know is that Xerox has been addressing these in unison with market shifts for years and our products are already secure.

Six Ways Xerox Channel Partners Enhance Security for Customers

  1. Intrusion Prevention
    Internal users such as disgruntled employees or external hackers are considered “intrusive attacks.” User authentication prevents unauthorized access to the device itself. Role-based access assigns functionality by user type. Authentication can be achieved via mobile devices, card readers or keypad sign on. Once authenticated, every transaction is logged, creating an audit trail no matter where print and copy requests originate. In addition, Xerox ConnectKey software intercepts and rejects external attacks from malicious software, or attempts to install infected files.
  2. Device Detection
    In the unlikely event a hacker bypasses Connectkey’s intercept and reject capabilities, built-in McAfee solutions are set to constantly monitor, report, and prevent potentially malicious malware from running. The associated auto-generated report immediately alerts the customer contac
  3. Document and Data Protection
    We all know the internet is far from secure which means data passing through your network including sending a print job to a networked printer is not safe – unless it’s encrypted. Xerox devices encrypt all data whether it’s leaving your network or not. However, encryption doesn’t protect sensitive data that’s sitting on an output tray. Fortunately, our solutions address those types of breaches too. For example, documents can be assigned an ID that corresponds to the computer, which creates an audit trail. Users can also send documents to the queue but delay printing until an authentication code has been entered on the device.

  4. External Partnerships
    It’s important for customers to trust Xerox technologies to protect their data. Many buyers want to know about security and end-to-end certification offerings before they’re willing to have conversations. We partner with industry leaders; McAfee, FIPS, and EAL2 for best-in-class security and certifications that offer the level of end-to-send compliance your customers require.
  5. Talking about security will help sell boxes.
    Once cost prohibitive for smaller organizations, security is now within reach thanks to our ability to put cloud-based solutions on less expensive boxes. The security fear-factor continues to drive purchasing decisions, and lowered costs enable more customers to decide to buy. Xerox channel partners are well positioned to use security as a differentiator. Channel partners can also expand opportunities beyond the box by generating recurring revenue via license renewals and managed print services.
  6. Security will help retain existing customers.
    Remember the mention of GDPR and how it will impact European Union companies? It turns out it has a much farther reach than the EU. Companies conducting business with those in the EU will also have to comply. A tremendous number of organizations across the globe will be affected. Good news, because we have been addressing security for years, all of Xerox products are GDPR compliant, even those currently in the market.

To learn more, visit this one-page sheet or the longer version for more in-depth information. To find out more about McAfee and security, you might be interested in their upcoming MPOWER events.

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