How to Transform Your Business with Custom MFP Applications

Resist the ‘box-selling’ mindset. Keep asking customers what they need. That’s how you thrive. Thomas Hansen
Resist the ‘box-selling’ mindset. Keep asking customers what they need. That’s how you thrive.
Thomas Hansen

Xerox channel partners are thriving in today’s market by thinking outside the box. And by ‘box’ we mean multifunction printer devices (MFPs).

Danish Xerox channel partner, X & CO, is a perfect example of a seasoned company that shifted their focus and increased revenue through amplified customer satisfaction. It’s a story all Xerox channel partners can benefit from.

Helping customers is mission critical

Today, customers have online research capabilities at their fingertips, allowing them to be more choosy when looking for solutions to meet business needs. Armed with that knowledge, X & CO spent the last five years shifting their focus from selling boxes to selling a service, so that by their 10th anniversary in 2014 they were well on their way to transforming their business. This transformation began by asking the following types of questions to current customers. How can we help you? How can we help you be more efficient? How can we help you stay focused on your core business?

Improved workflow fosters long-term B2B partnerships

X & CO customers were quick to point out an area ripe for improvement. The service and maintenance of their print network caused measurable downtime for employees. If an MFP required toner, employees on the floor had to first notice the alert and then contact the IT department for supplies. Likewise with service issues, IT employees were notified internally and given the task to schedule and track service and maintenance calls – all of which takes precious time and interrupts workflow.

Technology encourages innovation

Xerox® ConnectKey®, a web-based service and monitoring application, addresses these issues, making it easier for channel partners to service customers. X & CO took it to the next level by utilizing the API interface with Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) application to both monetize and improve customer satisfaction. Say hello to InfoApp, X & CO’s custom software platform now in use on over 350 assets and counting. Customers love it, making the subscription fee easy to justify and InfoApp’s unique capabilities are a competitive differentiator for sales. That’s a win-win!

“We keep an eye on your print network. You just print.” – X & CO

X & CO InfoApp is a web-based tool that works with all EIP-enabled Xerox devices and on tablets for non-Xerox devices. It can be localized in different languages and allows for MFPs at customer locations to speak directly with X & CO.

X & CO InfoApp on a Xerox MFP
X & CO InfoApp on a Xerox MFP

Through InfoApp, supply and service requests and automatic meter reads are routed bi-directionally between the customer’s MFPs and X & CO’s helpdesk. Technicians have line-of-sight into the remote machines to monitor customer print networks and respond proactively.

Service and supply request acknowledgments are pushed to the MFP’s display where employees can see if toner is en route, a technician will be contacting them, and other pertinent information.

Installation is simple

X & CO helpdesk technicians remotely load machines onto the web interface and within minutes the customer is setup and they’re enjoying the benefits. This simplicity of set up allows X & CO to easily offer a 3-month free trial with a tremendous adoption rate. Most importantly, Info App fits with their mission of helping customers optimize their business.

Sales have improved significantly

Switching from selling boxes to focusing on service and solution was a great move for X & CO. Armed with a 3-month free trial offer, more doors have been opened, the overall sales cycle has decreased by 25% and 90% of customers who try InfoApp convert to paying customers.

Advice from X & CO

Choosing a customer focused approach to B2B sales is the way to drive demand in today’s market. It can be tempting at the end of the month if sales are lagging to return to the ‘box-selling’ mindset. Resist that by asking questions. Talk to the customers, ask them what they need and keep asking. That’s how you thrive.

X & CO is happy to introduce Xerox channel partners to InfoApp and answer any questions.

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