How BYOD is Reshaping Business

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobility continue to grow with no signs of slowing. North America is leading the pack in workplace BYOD adoption with 50% of all organizations allowing employees to use their own devices at work. [1] Cost savings is the top driver of the movement with each company saving $350 per year, per person on average.

On top of this, employees report that BYOD gives them greater freedom and sense of ownership, which results in higher productivity and talent retention[2] – it’s a win-win for businesses and their employees.  Xerox channel partners and anyone else selling solutions that cater to BYOD and mobility trends are in an advantageous position.

Read on to learn three ways to use Xerox as a foundation to grow revenue with BYOD and mobility solutions:

  1. Selling Through a BYOD Lens
    Any company that has implemented or is thinking about implementing a BYOD policy is aware of the need for security measures and employee buy-in before a rollout. Because of this, they also possess an elevated level of awareness of the importance of security across the entire workplace. This is exponentially amplified for prospects in the EU or conducting business with EU-based companies as the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) goes into effect next year.

    Print partners have a robust security story to tell beginning at the hardware level and extending through a company’s entire IT network. It’s a story that Xerox has been building for years and fits nicely into BYOD conversations with current and future customers.

    Visit Data Security and Print Technologies: What You Need to Know for a more in-depth look at how Xerox helps channel partners sell on security topics. This article includes a closer look at the four planks of Xerox security solutions and verification that Xerox products are already GDPR compliant, a top concern for many.

  2. BYOD is a Natural Bridge to Mobile Printing
    For many employees, BYOD isn’t about the device itself or who pays for it and owns it. It’s about the mobility it affords and convenience it offers. Companies that have or are thinking about implementing a BYOD policy typically understand that the flexibility to work from home, a coffee shop, or in the airport factors into productivity, talent retention, and company culture. They also understand that without access to files and mobile printing solutions, the allure of flexibility wanes.

    Visit Tips for Engaging SMBs in Mobile Print and Secure Cloud Technology and Six Steps for Meeting the Mobile Worker Demand for Print to learn how to better position your Xerox mobile printing story with prospects focused on BYOD and mobility initiatives.

  3. Demand Generation Built Upon BYOD Topics
    The global BYOD and enterprise mobility market is poised to reach $360 billion by 2020, tripling from 2015.[3] That’s impressive growth and represents significant potential for Xerox channel partners.

    With security concerns stemming from major hacking episodes such as Experian and challenges around GDPR hitting the news, now is a good time to bring BYOD and security conversations into your sales and marketing plans and content. Leveraging Xerox mobility and security stories as a foundation for content, such as social media posts, blogs, and more can drive demand.

Use information from these articles to ensure success:

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[2] Employees Feel the Love When Companies Embrace BYOD, Entrepreneur,

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  1. MobiLock BYOD Management December 28, 2018 -

    Thanks for sharing this interesting post, Lisa! BYOD is one of the most important topics to discuss and experts have varied contrasting views points regarding it. Amidst all the views, enterprises are increasingly seeking to adopt BYOD, as it can provide long-term significant benefits and drastically improve productivity. However, there are potential and obvious risks involved which can be easily mitigated through enterprise mobility solutions. BYOD is the growing trend and is redefining the modern workplace and the device policy is definitely here to stay and empower businesses drastically in years to come.

  2. Scalefusion February 21, 2019 -

    Nice post. Nowadays smartphones and tablets are an important aspect for any business, as most of the time, we are busy with our devices. So companies are also providing employees to use their device for work and this is where BYOD works.

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