How To Drive Growth With Xerox Light Production Printers

Example window cling - Xerox Color C60/C70As technology has advanced, most of the attention has been on the development of a digital and social world. But print still plays an essential role in business, and it’s changing in some very important – and unexpected – ways. I’ve shared how our channel partners are innovating to grow with A4 MFPs and Printer Supplies and Managed Print Services (MPS).

Today let’s put the spotlight on high-end printers that have flexible feeding and finishing capabilities – what we call “Light Production” devices.

Small changes that can make a BIG difference for your customers

Last spring, a team of Xerox office solutions specialists held a web chat that explored the possibilities of the new Xerox® Color C60/C70 along with powerful success stories about the big difference these flexible devices are making for customers every day.

These success stories show how clients are using a variety of specialist print media in new ways and doing things they weren’t able to do before, all thanks to Xerox innovation. Xerox has created a new low melt EA toner that allows customers to print on more types of media and achieve what were once impossible results affordably and right in-house.

Imagine the possibilities that open up when your customers can produce high-quality marketing materials in-house for less than outsourcing – and with a significantly shorter turnaround time.

The Pizzeria, The Real Estate Firm and The College

The Pizzeria

A local pizzeria with 12 locations is a perfect example of what that kind of success can look like. Just over a year ago they started using the Xerox Color C60/C70 to print full sheet menus on magnets and distributing them to their best customers. As a result, the business has raised its overall sales dramatically over the last 6 months, including increasing the sale of products that previously went unnoticed.

By producing high-quality marketing products in-house, businesses are able to expose their customers to new products and services in a way that is quick, easy and cost efficient.

But pizza shops aren’t the only ones seeing dramatic results by moving their marketing efforts in-house. Everyone from real estate firms to universities are leveraging this equipment to help them grow their businesses.

The Real Estate Firm

An excellent example is a real estate firm that has been using their Xerox Color C60/C70 to create 3d flip-books that give potential clients a virtual tour of each listing in their catalog. They’re also creating high-quality leave behind materials for open houses and trade shows.

The College

Perhaps the most dramatic success story regarding the use of Xerox Light Production equipment is that of a top tier college with more than 3,200 students. They reduced the number of printers on the school campus while at the same time adding more capabilities with their Xerox Color C60/C70 equipment.

The college now produces posters, window clings and all of their own marketing materials in-house at a greatly reduced cost. The window clings have allowed them to forgo paper signage and the associated mess (tape, litter) and create a product with greater impact and lasting power. But the most successful use of their Xerox equipment is demonstrated in their parking department.

The Xerox Color C60/C70 allows the school to print on heavyweight, pre-perforated polyester that is weatherproof, water resistant, gas proof, wrinkle proof and tear proof. The perfect material for printing their campus parking passes! The most exciting part? They’re able to print passes with built-in security features, including fonts that show up only under UV light. At a price of around a quarter per pass, this has been an extremely cost-effective practice for the college, and also an efficient one. Printing passes in-house has drastically reduced turnaround time and completely removed the costs of shipping.

The flexibility to do better work – cheaper

Along with those examples, Xerox channel partners can now help businesses print menus, labels, ID cards and so much more, right in-house and at a substantially lower cost than outsourcing, allowing your customers to control costs and unleash their creativity with flexible media handling and finishing that they couldn’t do before.

Grow with Xerox innovation

These Xerox Color C60/C70 stories are great examples of how Xerox channel partners can leverage Xerox innovation to grow their business and make work better for their customers. If you are a Xerox channel partner, consider adding high-end printers to your portfolio – talk to your Xerox account manager today.

If you haven’t joined the Xerox channel partner program yet, take a look at the Global Partner Program portal to learn more about the opportunities Xerox innovation can bring to your business.

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