How to Fulfill the SMB Demand for Scanning Solutions with Managed Print

In this episode of our success with Xerox Managed Print Services videos, we hear from Peter Vogl – Managing Director, Christian Schneider – Business Director, and Christophe Jirikovsky – Head of Project Management at BV-comOffice. As a Gold level Xerox Concessionaire, BV-comOffice serve around two and a half thousand clients, from their office based in Regensburg, Germany.

Meeting more complex requirements

In the video below, they share how they have integrated the Xerox Managed Print Services offering into their solutions portfolio. Not only are they able to serve clients with more complex requirements much easier than before, they are also able to meet increasing customer demand for scanning solutions, authentication software, and document management systems.

Watch the video below, or read on for a full transcript of their ‘success with managed print services’ story.

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Peter Vogl (PV) – Managing Director

BV-comOffice is a medium-sized company with 40 employees. For our line of business, we specialise in office technology and audio-visual technology.

Today, we have over 2,500 customers. Total customer satisfaction is important to us, in order to secure follow-up business in the future. Our customers’ requirements have fundamentally changed. The trend was towards comprehensive solutions for Multifunction Printer (MFP) systems and printers.

Christian Schneider (CS) Business Director

Therefore, we decided to integrate Managed Print Services (MPS) into our solutions portfolio, in order to be able to offer our customers individual solutions.

It was important to us to operate our own help desk, so that for our customers, we would be the first point of contact and could respond to their individual problems.

The transformation from purely a hardware vendor to a solutions provider, gave us the chance to serve clients with more complex requirements more easily.

Christophe Jirikovsky (CJ), Head of Project Management

For MPS accounts, we focus on scanning solutions and authentication software, which we select specifically according to the customer’s requirements.

These solutions are crucial to our customer’s decision, as we use them to optimise workflow and processes.

For the SOS-Kinderdorf project, there were 700 devices made by various manufacturers and numerous models, and we had to simplify the workflow, provide transparency regarding costs, and deliver cost savings.

We offer an automatic supply of consumables; we coordinate service engineers and swap faulty equipment throughout Germany with Xerox equipment: all of this, via an automated invoicing process tailored to the customer’s specifications.

Today, our volume of orders amounts to a mid-six-figure sum, and through this reference customer, we could have win more customers, for example, a large social services provider in Bavaria, which operates in over 280 locations.


Our clients are thrilled. Thanks to the advantages of MPS, such as cost reduction and increased efficiency, we can make huge advances in terms of project development.

In terms of MPS accounts, we are able to meet increasing customer demand for scanning solutions, authentication software and document management systems.


Xerox is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the fields of Managed Print Services and software and is, therefore, the foundation of our lines of business.

This range of solutions and offers for end customers gives us the chance to attract potential customers and thereby further develop our business.


If we had not pushed the idea of Managed Print Services to the fore, our growth would have been substantially less dramatic and much slower.

Managed Print Services are a success story, in terms of being able to offer a professional service to businesses.

Follow our lead and opt for MPS 2.0.

Transform your business with Xerox Partner Print Services

Great job team BV-comOffice, and another example of how Xerox channel partners are using Xerox Managed Print Services to open up new opportunities for growth in their business.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Xerox channel partner and using Xerox Partner Print Services to build your managed print services practice, take a look at the Xerox Global Partner Program today – together we can do amazing things for your clients.

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