Managed Print Services

Why Managed Print Services Is a Top Way to Seize Growth

By |Apr 12, 2018|

An enormous unrealized Managed Print Services opportunity awaits Xerox channel partners. Here are three ways it can drive growth for your business, and the three barriers that can keep you from selling it.

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    Future Proof Your Business Through Personalised App Solutions

Future Proof Your Business Through Personalised App Solutions

By |Mar 29, 2018|

Setting your business apart from the competition is key in today’s challenging marketplace. Customers are looking to boost productivity through cloud, mobile apps, and social platforms, which makes offering personalised and customised apps to help enable this a great way to future proof your business and differentiate yourself against a tough crowd.

Stop Selling Ice Cubes to Eskimos

By |Mar 22, 2018|

Smart marketers know that finding the right customer for the product means going well beyond the concept of “anyone who has money.” For Xerox channel partners, that means it’s essential to target those industries that continue to consume print at record rates. Here are some of them.

Print Tech: The Secret Weapon in IT Solution Sales

By |Mar 12, 2018|

More partners are discovering that print technologies can enrich their most important IT propositions —and give them an edge. Here’s how print technologies can become your secret weapon to IT solutions sales.

How Web Capture Service Offers a Better, Faster Way to Scan

By |Feb 23, 2018|

Web Capture Service from Xerox fills a critical need for your customers by dramatically simplifying the process of scanning documents into web applications, making the time it takes for them to enter their business data into the cloud, significantly shorter – and their productivity higher.