How AJP Delivers a Superior Customer Experience with Xerox and Showpad

I bet that if you surveyed your entire sales team right now, almost every single one of them will own, or have access to, a smartphone or a tablet – or both. I also bet that many of them still fall into the trap of delivering their sales pitch with a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint, SlideShare or Prezi from their trusty old laptop complemented with the obligatory hard copies of marketing collateral.

Goodbye boring presentation pitch, hello interactive discovery experience

If this seems familiar, then the following video might make you feel a little uncomfortable. Why? Because tech savvy Xerox channel partners such as Rennes based Xerox Concessionaire, AJP are embracing technology to help them deliver a superior customer experience.

By equipping their sales teams with the innovative Showpad app and connecting to the Xerox Smart Centre, they have turned those smartphones and tablets into a business winning competitive advantage – and delighting their clients in the process.

Watch as Xerox Concessionaire AJP shares how they use Showpad to win more business

In the video below you can hear from Philipp Angeli (sales director), Antoine Le Sann (Marketing Manager) and three of their leading sales executives – Jean-Luc Boscher, Fabrice Therin and Elvina Fourchon, share how they take advantage of this powerful combination to win more business.

For anyone unable to watch the video I have included the transcript below it.

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We are AJP based in Rennes France. This is the story of why we decided to use the Xerox Showpad system to help improve our digital strategy

Philippe Angeli (PA)

AJP’s main line of business is, of course, office equipment, but in addition, we also deal in office supplies and the sale of consumables, as well as our IT business, which has really developed over the last 4-5 years within AJP. So, most of the time, our presentations were done using brochures it was too general and our clients did not find those brochures very useful.

Jean-Luc Boscher (JB)

Today, thanks to the Showpad, we can access important content immediately.

Antoine Le Sann (ALS)

The Showpad application has the advantage of bringing together in one application the best content on the Xerox Smart Centre and gives me the ability to select the content which is specific to my subsidiary. It’s extremely easy to download content.

My Channel has the content which I promote to my sales teams, and I can manage it all easily via Dropbox. The “showcase” function is excellent. It allows us to share content instantly with the client, but also to see if the client has looked at this content,

Fabrice Therin (FT)

It was really easy to integrate the Showpad tool into my sales strategy; firstly, because the tool is very well thought-out and is incredibly intuitive to use.

Elvina Fourchon (EF)

It’s good to be able to adapt the dialogue according to the client by illustrating your points with videos.


In terms of content, it’s about having at your fingertips, always in real time, the entire Xerox range, whether that’s products, the range of services, XPPS or partner solutions and the latest updated versions of software.


The clients’ main reaction when I use the Showpad in meetings is that they respond to how interactive the product is and how quickly we can give them a presentation on the subject in question. Using the Showpad has changed clients’ perceptions because it carries a level of professionalism which sets us apart from the competition


I would recommend this tool to our partners for two reasons. Firstly, there are the internal advantages. It allows us to bring together all the sales teams across all the levels, the management, the sales managers, the sales teams, the support sales teams, and, externally, it projects a really good image to our clients.

The next steps with Showpad are to continue to enhance our own subsidiary’s content and to quickly set out the CRM tool in order to have optimum flexibility with clients.

Upgrade your team to the new normal

Xerox channel partners can join the ranks of AJP and delight their prospects and clients with engaging and interactive content that helps them discover the best choice for their unique needs together. The Showpad app is completely free and available for Apple iOS, Windows App, and Android devices. It is only when you connect the Showpad app to the Xerox Smart Centre that you unleash the true power. Get started today.

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