How NG Partners Uses Xerox Financial Services to Win More Business

Xerox channel partners are used to the challenge of managing cash flow. Their customers may operate with tight margins, so for them, the prospect of investing in a print solution leveraging both their productivity and data security can become a challenge.

A leasing partner that understands the print industry

With today’s evolving print technology market and the introduction of smart printers and MFPs with ever more powerful app capabilities, there is a need for a Lessor who understands this shift and is capable of providing flexible financing solutions beyond the traditional hardware. This is where Xerox Financial Services provides a sensible option and can help Xerox Channel Partners to win more business at a more affordable cost for their clients.

In the video below, Stéphane Nonnweiler, Managing Director and Eric Ludaesher, Sales Manager at NG Partners explain how they collaborate with Xerox Financial Services as a business enabler for their customers.

Watch the video below, or read on for a full transcript of their story.

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Stéphane Nonnweiler, Managing Director, NG Partners

NG Partners is a Xerox Platinum Concessionaire covering Luxemburg. We are a team of 15 people based here in Luxemburg.

We offer the entire range of Xerox Products and Services to our 700 Customers located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and surrounding Luxemburg region. This represents an installed base of more than 2,500 devices in the field.

Leasing has always been part of our prime offering to our customers as it is a business enabler offered by Xerox for decades now. We obviously have a cash alternative if required but more than 80% of our customers opt for a leasing solution and they especially go for a bundled offering finance solution.

There are many advantages to leasing. Firstly, for the customer, it means not having to pay the deal amount off and they benefit from a fixed monthly cost avoiding the impact associated with depreciating assets.

For us at NG Partners, it enables us to strengthen our business relationship with our customer and be more flexible when having to churn devices over time.

We partner with Xerox Financial Services for many reasons. Above all, because it is part of the Xerox Group and its core offering, and it is vital to be able to offer our customers one single financing solution including Xerox hardware and services.

Customers have just one supplier, which is important. Xerox Financial Services is a reliable and loyal long-term business partner, who we enjoy working with.

Leasing really helps us to leverage our selling cycles, as we can keep costs down for our customers and it enables them to better manage and control their monthly costs.

For NG Partners, it would be hard to operate without Xerox Financial Services due to the impact on cash flow.

A large part of our business is product maintenance, making up 50% of our revenue. The remaining 50% comes from the leasing business, allowing us to secure cash very quickly, as we are paid by Xerox Financial Services within 48 hours. It would hard to run our Business without the financing support of Xerox Financial Services.

Xerox Financial Services is our first choice for three reasons. Firstly, we can offer a ‘One Xerox’ offering to our customers. Secondly, they are an easy Partner to work with. Thirdly, we know them and have a trusting working relationship.

Eric Ludaesher, Sales Manager, NG Partners

Although in Luxemburg, we have many banks and financial organisations available in the market. 98% of that business is still financed via Xerox Financial Services.

A big advantage is that we can offer one single financing solution, including hardware, services, and solutions. Therefore, we are well positioned to finance bundled solutions, which include all three of these services.

For us, working with Xerox Financial Services is extremely simple compared to other Lessors, who ask lots of invasive questions to our customers who are reluctant to answer in Luxemburg.

With the iLease deal submission tool, we can easily manage a deal application and get a response from Xerox Financial Services within 48 hours.

It is vital to be creative with the financing solutions we offer. I strongly believe that this is very important as it allows us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. I strongly believe in it, as it allows us to differentiate ourselves from Competitors and help us to win incremental business.

Leasing is a key business enabler, helping us close selling cycles and win more business. It allows us to highlight the benefits of our solution when compared to our customers’ existing situation. It allows us to come out on top.

Xerox Financial Services is definitely our first choice Lessor as it carries the Xerox brand, and, as a platinum partner, we are always looking for Innovative solutions to differentiate ourselves. Xerox Financial Services allows us not only to finance hardware and solutions, but most importantly bundled offerings. Which is where we want to go.

Are you looking for a flexible financial solution to support your business?

At Xerox Financial Services, we work with hundreds of Xerox Channel Partners across Europe. We understand the complexity of today’s print solutions and have the expertise required to enable one single Xerox offering. If you are a Xerox channel partner talk to your local Xerox Support Manager to learn more.

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