How Xerox Channel Partners Help SMBs Solve Problems

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face unique business process challenges. When it comes time for these companies to examine their need for managed print services (MPS), the way they prioritize MPS features corresponds directly to specific business process pain points. Understanding what those pain points are, and how SMBs prioritize them, enables print partners to more effectively engage with, educate, and segment prospective customers. Print partners can lead the way in helping SMBs transition to a digital workplace.

What factors are SMBs prioritizing?

Moving paper-intensive, multistep processes to a digitized workflow is one of the primary ways SMBs are trying to improve productivity. This isn’t shocking given that saving time and reducing costs align with the top two factors that SMBs consider to be priorities. This is particularly true for finance and IT organizations, which have historically paper intensive workflows—something for partners to consider when segmenting prospective customers. At first glance, IT may not be an obvious candidate for document workflow, as it’s not traditionally associated with paper-intensive processes. But it does have cross-company responsibility for managing documents in the print environment, network and cloud, and enabling secure mobile and cloud strategies, so no wonder it is a priority.

A recent survey report 1 looked at which factors SMBs prioritize when seeking to improve and optimize workflows. These factors are directly correlated with specific pain points SMBs face in their daily operations. The survey found that the following were the top five factors SMBs consider:

  • Cost reduction 25%
  • Impact on Improved productivity 21%
  • Impact on Security 15%
  • Impact on Revenue Growth 14%
  • Legal requirements 11%

Educate on how MPS saves time and money

We’ve discussed how print partners can use the information around how SMBs prioritize workflow improvements to segment prospective partners. Another way print partners can help is through educating SMBs how specific capabilities and features of MPS address things like cost reduction, improved productivity, impact on security, etc. These are factors that Xerox channel partners are well-equipped to discuss with prospective partners and demonstrate the utility of MPS solutions. Knowing the top factors under consideration lets partners focus their communications and messaging around educating SMBs on how pain points can be solved.

MPS addresses security concerns

Optimizing productivity and cost reduction are just two of the top five factors that concern SMBs. These companies also want to know that their print environment and integrated document workflows are secure—they can’t afford to risk an unsecure environment. Xerox MPS lets customers monitor and track device usage as well as securely print from mobile devices; a factor that successfully enables increased productivity and simplified workflows.

Web Capture Service aids workflow automation

Impact on productivity was the second most important factor to SMBs when looking to improve workflows and there are sophisticated services to help customers achieve that goal. Xerox’s new Web Capture Service is one digitization offering that partners can leverage when talking with prospective customers. This service, which is exclusive to Xerox channel partners and only sold through Xerox channel partners, is one of the ways Xerox is helping its partners access to new revenue channels. Web Capture Service makes it easier for SMBs to scan hardcopy documents, like receipts, directly into a web application, rather than the typical multistep process. This is just one of the many ways that Xerox is providing partners with services to open new channels of revenue growth.

1.Coleman Parkes Research for Xerox Corporation, published September 2016

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