How Automatic Supplies Replenishment Helps Xtandit Provide Superior Service

Did you know that one of the most common reasons people cannot print is that the printer has run out of toner? Not a paper jam, not a network error, not a software error – no, the toner has run out.

That’s why leading channel partners use automatic supplies replenishment (ASR) technology to keep their customers printing and prevent unnecessary downtime – giving Small and Medium Business (SMB) owners and IT Managers one less thing to worry about.

With such a simple solution to a common problem, what are the keys to success? Well, it turns out it is something simple too – getting the starting point right – the toners already at the customer’s site, then the rest follows smoothly and the business case stacks up for the channel partner.

In the video below, watch Edwin Jongsma, Commercial Director and Elco Verkleij, Services Operations Manager at Xtandit, a Xerox Platinum Concessionaire based in the Netherlands, why they believe making ASR standard for all of their customers makes good business sense.

For anyone who cannot play the video, the transcript is below the video.

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What is ASR?

Edwin Jongsma (EJ)

ASR is automatic supply replenishment. That means that the [printing] device is connected via the internet to the Xerox systems, and automatically measures when a toner is needed at the customer site.

What are the key tips for a good ASR services?


In my opinion, there are three crucial tips for a good ASR service.

One is the on-hand balance, which means that the number of toners on stock at the customer should be the same as in the system, so there are no differences on that side.

Secondly, of course, is that the connectivity has to be live every day, so managing the connectivity is one of the most important things to make ASR successful.

Finally, you need to work very closely with the local ASR team of Xerox, because it’s collaboration between two parties with a lot of knowledge on the Xerox side to help you out, start this project, and make it successful.

What are the key benefits of ASR to your customer?


The benefits of ASR for our customers is that they don’t have to order the toner themselves, because ASR measures and monitors when a toner is needed on a daily basis, so the customer can put his time and effort in his own business.

Would you recommend ASR to other fellow channel partners?


I would strongly recommend ASR for all our fellow partners in Europe because ASR improves the level of service you offer to your customers.

What does ASR bring to your operations?

Elco Verkleij (EV)

Operationally ASR saves us time. There are fewer telephone calls from our customers. Also, there are no manual orders needed, we do not keep an eye on the stock because everything is automatic. When changing the print volumes, ASR will adapt itself, so there is never any excess stock at the customer’s site.


ASR is very important for us because it gives us the possibilities to upgrade our service level to our customers, it is crucial for the relationship with your customer and the level of service you offer to the market.

Integrating ASR into your offering

ASR is available to any of your customers on a click based service contract– your customer doesn’t need to be on a full managed print services contract. However, by integrating ASR into their overall managed print offering, Xtandit provides a superior managed print service to their customers. It is no wonder that the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) recognised Xtandit for the second year in a row with their Leadership Award. Great recognition for their comprehensive managed print offering and expertise in solving their customers’ business-critical printing challenges.

Adding Xerox Remote Print Services to your portfolio

If you are a channel partner looking to solve print and document management challenges for your customers then we should talk. Visit the Xerox Global Partner Program page and sign up to become a Xerox channel partner today. We can show you how to get the best out of our suite of Xerox® Remote Print Services and help you build a thriving services business.

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