Future Proof Your Business Through Personalised App Solutions

Setting your business apart from the competition is key in today’s challenging marketplace, especially if you can build offerings around digital transformation. That’s because more customers are looking to boost productivity through cloud, mobile apps, and social platforms. Offering personalised and customised apps for Xerox MFPs is a great way to be part of this —and future proof your business as much as possible—whether the apps involve print or offer something altogether unique.

Even if you’re not a developer, you can still get a significant slice of the action. With Xerox, all channel partners can gain from the app revolution. But you must act quickly.

What if I Can’t Code?

Not every partner has someone on staff who speaks fluent Objective-C, C++ or Java. So does that mean you’re destined to be forever watching from the sidelines while code-savvy partners grab all glory and monopolise the new revenue streams? Not a bit. Xerox is unique in that we are opening new business opportunities for channel partners around apps, whether or not you have in-house developers.

Opening Doors with Apps

As you know if you read our blogs, Xerox has been expanding our solutions for channel partners around apps. We’re keen that channel partners benefit from the app business opportunity—and we mean ALL partners. Our aim is to help everyone to win more sales … in highly profitable areas.

For example, we’re turning our multifunction printers (MFPs) into workplace assistants, thanks to Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology. It’s amazing what’s possible with the new apps being launched. And, if you have app development expertise, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the Xerox Software Development Kit (SDK) for building personalised apps. Not to mention, we have new initiatives planned for you that I’ll talk about in future blogs.

At present, if you’re a non-coder, here are three steps to follow to capitalise on your customers’ demand for greater workplace productivity through apps:

Step #1: Think about wider customer needs

Are there ‘untamed processes’ within your customers’ businesses? These may have little or nothing to do with print—but don’t let that put you off. Their issues could relate to data, security, connectivity, collaboration or a host of other areas where manual processes are holding them back, causing costs, delays, and hassle.

Step #2: Find apps you can offer today

Visit our newly-launched App Finder and you’ll find a range of powerful technologies that will help your customers to overcome obstacles, transform themselves, and thrive. In simple terms, think of the App Finder as our version of Google Play or the App Store—but for channel partners.

These exciting apps have been created by other channel partners as part of the Personalized Application Builder program, precisely for you to use for your customers, to differentiate your offering, and to drive up revenue. Xerox is unique in this. Here are a couple of great examples:

  • Just-Tech‘s Support Connect App simplifies the service and supplies process so you can communicate in real-time with customers.

    JustTech Support Connect App for Xerox ConnectKey - Customized Workflow SolutionsSupport Connect App by Just-Tech
    In this Information Age, customers are looking for ways to more easily communicate with their business partners and that is exactly what this app provides.

  • MidAmerica Technology’s SignMe app allows users to approve documents on the user interface and send on their destination without the need to print, sign and then scan back in.

    SignMe App for Xerox ConnectKey - Customized Workflow SolutionsSignMe™ by MidAmerica Technology
    SignMe™ app eliminates costly paper forms and extensive labor hours scanning and indexing documents which are replaced with a seamless, one step end user experience.

Then there are apps that offer information services, support, workflow tools, invoice processing, and translation-on-the-go. You’ll also find server-based apps. It’s the early days, but you’ll see more ground-breaking apps arriving—fast.

Step #3: Customise further. You can do it.

Even if app programming isn’t part of your business, app creation could be. If you find an app that’s 90% of what you need, why not contact the channel partner who built it — and see if you can work together to fine-tune it for your customer? Again, utilise the new Xerox App Finder to see what’s already out there, in terms of apps and app developers. Nothing exists yet, Xerox has authorized development partners around the world who can be commissioned to build brand new apps specifically for your need.

Also, keep an open mind about the future of your business and whether to add app development. Our platform and toolkit gets you a fair distance down the road. You may find that the people that created your website or one of your existing partners has the just the right skills to get you across the line. It could even be someone with hidden talents within your team.

Xerox Personalized Application Builder program for sales channel partnersXerox Personalized Application Builder Program – The Personalized Application Builder program provides partners with the tools, training, and marketing resources that they need to create personalized app solutions to help drive new revenue and strengthen client relationships.

Time is of the Essence

Xerox is putting its full weight behind our app initiatives for channel partners because we recognise that game-changing opportunities like this rarely come around in the IT arena. We have the right platform, the eco-system of innovative partners … and now we need you. Get involved quickly and seize the moment. Here’s that link again to the App Finder.

Also, share your thoughts below. Tell us what kind of apps would you like to see created?


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  1. Joshua Justice March 29, 2018 -

    Great post Mark and thanks for the shout-out on the Support Connect App!

  2. Joshua Justice March 29, 2018 -

    Great article Mark and thanks for the shout-out!

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