The Xerox Global Partner Program: Serving the World of Channel Partners

This is the partner program for you!

That’s a bold statement, but these are bold times that call for bold thinking and even bolder action, so if you consider yourself to be an IT Channel Partner, then the Xerox Global Partner Program is for you, no matter which type of Channel Partner you may be.

Are You a Reseller?

In the earliest days of the IT channel, all Channel Partners were looked upon as resellers. Manufacturers sold their products to you, or your aggregator, and you re-sold them to customers. To distinguish yourself from your competitors you added value to the customer’s purchase by preparing their equipment, installing it, and providing after-market support. The healthy profit margins on the products you sold enabled this. You became a value-added reseller (VAR).

Other resellers distinguished themselves the easy way, by discounting heavily. This caused those healthy product margins to vanish, causing you to become the second kind of Channel Partner.

Are You a Service Provider?

When VARs could no longer turn to product margins to pay the cost of adding valuable services, they began to charge for them. Many became Service Providers focusing, at first, on product-attached services such as preparation, testing, configuration, application loading, onsite installation and more. Others went beyond product-attached and began extending, expanding, and enhancing warranties with innovative service contracts.

With the arrival of local and then wide-area networking, many of these Service Providers developed into the Network Integration business installing, implementing, and integrating networks.

As it became obvious that customers were seeking complete solutions, the next step in the evolution of the IT Channel Partner arrived.

Are You a Solutions Provider?

Just as people didn’t start buying personal computers until there were software solutions they could really use like the early spreadsheet VisiCalc, companies wanted networked solutions that would drive improvements in their businesses. All manner of Network Integrators, Systems Integrators, VARs, and others began to appear. Eventually, the most popular catch-all term to categorize all of these emerged – Solution Providers.

Conceptually this remains the customer’s ideal, one resource to provide everything from the infrastructure to run everything on, to the software, to the training and support needed to make it all work optimally.

Over the past several years the channel has changed dramatically. All too many “Solution Providers” ended up only providing “infrastructure” as their “solution” and then the cloud arrived. Fewer and fewer customers are having servers or storage installed on their own premises anymore. The infrastructure business is disappearing, leaving many Solution Providers seeking new solutions to provide.

The Xerox Global Partner Program Serves Your “Yes”

Xerox recognized these three different types of Channel Partners when designing the Global Partner Program. The result is a program that delivers great opportunity to Channel Partners no matter which type they are today, or which type they wish to be tomorrow.

YES – I’m a Reseller

Resellers will find everything they want in a partner program in the Xerox Global Partner Program. A healthy selection of the most highly-regarded printing and multi-function printer products in the industry. High-margin repeat sales supplies to augment the revenue stream, Managed Print Services, Xerox® ConnectKey Technology, Xerox eConcierge® and other programmable interfaces that create a wealth of additional solution opportunities all available in a multi-tiered partner program that allows the Channel Partner to match their investments of time, personnel, and investment with the return they seek based on escalating performance incentives.

Yes – I’m a Service Provider

For the Channel Partner that has enjoyed success in positioning everything for their customer as a service, Xerox Partner Print Services, Xerox® PageConnect Services, and other managed service offerings pay handsome dividends to successful agents who incorporate these high-demand services into their customer proposals. Examples include:

Professional Support Services
Professional Support Services are fee-based services that Channel Partners can rely on to get customers up and running quickly on Xerox® MFPs, optional equipment, and software. Support services include:

    • System configuration and network installation
    • System integration with Xerox® software and Xerox Channel Partner’s software solutions
    • Customer training

Virtual Systems Analyst Team (VSAT)
We’ve expanded our pre-sales technical support team to help Channel Partners with Advanced Office Multifunction Specialization close business or provide installation and training support after the sale. Our new VSAT service provides free, accurate and timely information and services to help you close business. Single function printers, MFPs and software support includes:

    • Verify hardware configurations
    • Answer technical pre-sales questions
    • Assess network configurations and software compatibility
    • Assist with evaluation/recommendation of Xerox® software solutions
    • Provide technical support for RFPs

Yes – I’m a Solutions Provider

Channel Partners whose profits flow from workflow and other process improvements will find a world of solutions from other partners along with the tools and guidance needed to help create their own in the Xerox Global Partner Program.

You Were Lost, But Now You’re Found

Most Channel Partners will agree that they came to the channel and stay in the channel because it is constantly changing and never gets boring. This has never been truer than it is right now.

If you’ve been seeking a partner and a partner program that will help you move to a new product set, new technologies, and new solutions to create new revenues and new profits, turn to one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers in the industry. A name that has become an institution in our industry. Partner with Xerox.


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