Form AND Function: Xerox Unveils the Latest Improvements to Its Partner Portal

Repeatedly recognized by CRN as among the elite, the award-winning Global Partner Program from Xerox has also been lauded by partners themselves as best in class. An important part of that experience is the Partner Portal, the hub of partner news and activity, and the gateway through which resources and support of all kinds can be found.

Just like the program it supports, the portal itself is also evolving to better serve our partners.

New Look, New Features

The new improvements to the Xerox Partner Portal are the result of feedback from our channel partners from around the world, as well as plenty of critical thinking from the Xerox team. The final product is a new Xerox Partner Portal that offers added functionality to help improve the interactive experience for partners at all levels.

Changes to the design provide a welcome update without compromising the organizational structure, making the new portal easier to use while keeping your favorite tools and resources right where you expect them to be. For example, our partners will notice they no longer need to scroll down to see the various listing on the main navigation page – all tabs now open horizontally, for at a glance scanning.

That’s not the only change that was made with convenience in mind. Because a partner’s life is lived on the go, the new partner portal offers an improved mobile experience. Vital information, tools, and resources can be accessed quickly and easily wherever and whenever they’re needed.

Click here for an interactive tutorial on how to navigate through the new partner portal.

While these changes make using the portal easier than ever, it’s what our channel partners can find on the portal that may be of the most value.

New Tools and Resources

Along with updates to the user experience, we have added newly upgraded marketing tools and campaigns to help partners with a variety of business goals. New online marketing assets help our partners reach more customers by communicating to them in the medium they prefer. Everything from videos to e-books, infographics, and social content can be found in the portal, helping take the guesswork out of marketing.

New, easy-to-read badges are available for our channel partners on the partner portal.

Existing tools like Xerox Showcase, which helps customers research the products they want to buy on our channel partners’ website, have been made more mobile friendly, enhancing the experience for customers as well as partners.

Among the most recognizable brands in the world, a Xerox badge can help open doors for partners across the globe. With that in mind, we’ve also updated the Xerox partner badges, which have been redesigned to be more visible and easier to read.

The new portal also provides access to the newly updated co-branding guidelines, which provides detailed answers for all of your co-branding questions.

Existing partners can view the new portal here. Thinking about partnering with Xerox? Learn from Amy Belcher, Xerox’s Vice President, Global Channel Marketing and Enablement, on why Xerox is the right partner program for you.

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