3 Issues That Interest Printing Companies Right Now

If you want to interest printing companies, it’s important to focus on the issues that interest them.

Much of the content that is shared by resellers can be full of information that is already known to printing companies. Or it can be information that they are not interested in.

It is important to remember that when you are releasing information about new machines, much of it has already been shared by the manufacturer and by your competitors. If you want people to read your content then you are going to have to come up with something a little different!

If you post the right content, it can create great relationships.

Often the right content is the first step to a prospect engaging with your company. If you create that first engagement, then you are on the way to creating a strong relationship. If you engage with enough readers then you will be building a powerful sales pipeline. You will be well on the way to achieving your sales targets.

Resellers that fail to post engaging content will have to rely on more traditional means of creating warm prospects. They will often find it harder to create their sales pipelines and to achieve their sales targets.

Here are three topics that interest printing companies at the moment:

  1. Business growth.
    Naturally, most printing companies want to grow their businesses. But they often feel that they are stuck in an endless journey of selling commodity print. If you can post content that gives them new ideas on how to increase sales and profit margins then you will have many enthusiastic readers. Printing companies are keen to learn about different sales techniques. They are interested in how to use social media. One topic that they certainly want to know more about is how to engage with online buyers.
  1. Press servicing and maintenance.
    One area that always starts off a lively discussion on social media is how presses perform. There is certainly an opportunity for resellers to post content about how to keep presses running, the best maintenance contracts and even performance statistics on specific machines. Information along these lines is likely to be shared widely. If you allow comments on your blogs, it is worth monitoring interaction carefully in case you have any unhappy users (who may well not be your clients) wanting to share their experience
  1. Ideas for diversification.
    Printing companies are always looking for new markets to move into. Wide/grand format is always a popular subject and there are still plenty of printing companies that want to learn about this area. However, many people are less interested in the machines and the specifications. They are more interested in market opportunities and how to sell services like this. It is only then that they are convinced and want to start looking for the right machine.

So, do you have to create all this content yourself?

You will be glad to hear that you don’t have to create lots of content in-house! Firstly, it is absolutely fine to share existing resources. However, you should credit the original writer with a link. In addition, the best way to share content like this is to put your own narrative behind it. Explain why you are sharing it and comment on the most important points. This doesn’t have to be a long article: it can just be a few lines.

You may also choose to commission your own content. There are a number of specialist copywriters from the printing industry who can help. Finally, Xerox creates resources specifically for you to share. Xerox channel partners can take advantage of new marketing kits to help generate awareness and drive demand for Xerox’s broad technology portfolio, complementary services, custom apps and deep expertise. The kits are available in the U.S. and rolling out in Europe later this spring.

Here’s a task to get you going with your content.

Start by creating a simple content calendar: write down four or five topics and put some publication dates beside them. This task should take you less than ten minutes.

Your next stage is then to decide how you will source this content. Will you share other content, commission your own or look to Xerox for inspiration and help?

Whichever route you choose, focus on the three areas covered in this article and you will soon generate interest from your content.


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