Innovative, Forward Thinking, and Exciting: Xerox Wins the 2018 Channelnomics Innovation Award

For the second year in a row and hot on the heels of its recognition for the Best Security Event of 2018, Xerox’s Global Partner Program of the Year has received another proud and notable distinction from Channelnomics: the 2018 Channelnomics Innovation Award.

The Channelnomics Innovation Awards (CIAs) recognize channel players across North America who bring innovation, forward thinking and excitement to the channel. The awards recognize achievements by solution providers, distributors and vendors in 30 categories and are based solely on innovation and achievement in the North American channel over the past year.

With a proud history of innovation, and a channel-focused, forward-thinking mentality, this award is an apt and timely recognition of Xerox’s ongoing efforts to innovate the way the world communicates, connects and works.

2018: A Time of Transformation and Growth

Xerox has become increasingly channel focused in recent years, and never has that been more evident than in 2018, where their commitment to channel growth brought the following achievements:

  • Improved access to the award-winning Global Partner Program to make it easier than ever for partners to apply and access tools and services which drive business
  • Launched MPS Essentials Suite, a packaged set of tools to help make MPS deployment easier for channel partners looking to expand into that market.
  • Reinvested in partners’ businesses with updates to the online partner portal, new marketing assets and integrations such as e-automate that make it easier for partners to manage back-end processes.
  • Continued the enhancement of the award-winning ConnectKey Technology® portfolio

One of the greatest channel achievements to catch the eye of Channelnomics was the launch of new apps for Xerox’s ConnectKey Technology®-enabled devices. By adding these innovative apps to their portfolio, Xerox channel partners can boost recurring post-sale revenue by providing their clients with indispensable tools that save time, simplify work and automate processes. Along with the new apps, Xerox also unveiled a new e-commerce functionality available in the Xerox App Gallery allowing channel partners to earn revenue when their clients purchase an app.

80 Years of Innovation

2018 marked the 80th anniversary of the invention of xerography, the first milestone in what would become a legacy of innovation. Xerox has been leading the way in technology ever since, innovating the way the world communicates, connects and works. Today Xerox holds more than 12,000 active U.S. patents, each one developed by anticipating both the current and future needs of business customers of all sizes.

Xerox researchers are relentless in accessing pain points, priorities and opportunities in order to address the changing needs of today’s workforce.  Xerox has stayed ahead of technology trends with innovations like bringing app technology to the workplace with their one-of-a-kind suite of ConnectKey® apps.

They’ve made it easier for customers to enhance, secure and streamline their document workflows from the cloud with the DocuShare Flex platform, and brought it all together with XMPie software, which syncs content across different formats to deliver personalized multichannel campaigns.

Innovating into the Future

What do the next 80 years hold for Xerox and their channel partners? For a company whose name has been synonymous with innovation from Day 1, the possibilities are exciting. In 2019, Xerox’s top priority is providing channel partners with innovative tools and services to successfully embrace a business landscape that is constantly evolving.

Partners will be equipped to grow their businesses with products, services and solutions that will continue to improve the way their customers work. The 2018 Channelnomics Innovation Award is an excellent step forward as Xerox works to gain additional visibility among channel partners and reinforces their lifelong commitment to success for partners and customers alike.

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