How Observing Nature Can Inspire Your Innovation

By |Aug 17, 2017|

Biomimicry is the idea that solutions can be found in nature. Nature has been the inspiration for some of the greatest innovations of our lifetime – and it is often the key to finding new ways to simplify and collaborate to improve the way we work and live.

How Giving to Charity Sells More Printers and MFPs

By |Oct 13, 2016|

Learn how Xerox Channel Partner, Document XL, leveraged a corporate social responsibility initiative to change the world, one printed page at a time – and is selling more printers and MFPs in the process.

  • How Channel Partners Can Profit From Sustainability
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    Profiting From Sustainability – 6 Steps For Channel Partners

Profiting From Sustainability – 6 Steps For Channel Partners

By |Oct 13, 2014|

Pressure is mounting on businesses of all sizes to green up their IT, making sustainability a top priority for many business decision-makers even in tough economic times. In their Sustainable Print Agenda study, research firm Quocirca found 52% of European businesses polled said that they feel strongly about maintaining their commitment to sustainability objectives.