How Channel Partners Can Build Their Business With Xerox Personalized Application Builder

Moving beyond selling just the physical box to selling a problem-solving application can be a game changer for how channel partners do business
Selling problem-solving applications can be a game changer – Mark Boyt

Every channel partner knows that selling solutions can be more complex than selling hardware. However, moving beyond selling just the physical box to selling a problem-solving application can be a game changer for how they do business with their customers.

Selling The Right Solution For Your Customer

The key is being able to sell the right solution to meet the customers’ specific needs. Today channel partners have access to a wide portfolio of solutions, but sometimes they need something more specific or a better fit for their customers’ unique needs.

A Problem Solving Toolbox

Imagine a toolbox filled with the exact tools you need to solve your customer pain points enabling you to create customized solutions. This is exactly what the Xerox Personalized Application Builder (Xerox PAB) program aims to deliver. It gives channel partners the tools they need to meet customer requirements no matter how simple or complex those needs are.

Channel partners can build with the tools themselves or have Xerox PAB authorized developers create the customized applications for them. This gives channel partners the flexibility to decide on how best to solve the customer’s problem.

What’s included in Personalized Application Builder?

  1. App Studio
  2. Customized Applications

Solving Common Problems With App Studio & ConnectKey App Types

At Xerox we estimate that 80% of Xerox workflow customers need a basic connect-to solution and simple personalization. Simple applications can be built without developer capabilities using App Studio, our cloud based system. The apps are created in App Studio using ConnectKey App types, which are simplified templates that every channel partner can use.

The resulting ConnectKey App provides the channel partners with a variety of simple workflows such as scanning to, and printing from, the cloud – as well as information apps that can turn a multifunction printer into a communication hub.

What’s more, the commands and descriptions used in the app can use the customers own language and terminology. What this means, is that the customer is given a solution that fits their specific needs, using their terms, helping to streamline and simplify their business workflow.

Solving More Complex Problems With Customized Applications

Some customers do have more complex problems that require answers beyond the App Studio capabilities. This is where the customized applications comes into play and extends the offering.

These customized solutions can be created using a variety of tools:

  • Xerox Extensible Interface Platform SDK gives partners the opportunity to create customized document management solutions from the multifunction printer touch screen.
  • Managed Print Service-Application Programming Interface (MPS-API) provides partners with a secure, common interface with access to the extensive data repository in the MPS hosted technology suite.
  • Xerox FreeFlow Software Development Kit is an easy-to-use kit that integrates a client’s existing environment with the Xerox Production Printing Portfolio.

Channel partners with development capabilities are in a strong position to think outside of the box with absolute flexibility and use these tools to build an exact solution to solve their customer’s unique pain points.

Channel partners without the bandwidth or development skills are not excluded because we have a pool of Xerox PAB authorized developers, including Foxway and the Xerox Solutions Enablement Team, ready to build customized applications for them. Once the channel partner identifies the customer requirements, the developer will create the application and the channel partner can brand the finished application as their own.

Channel Partner Customer Knowledge + Xerox PAB = The Perfect Combination

Channel Partners have the customer relationship and intimate knowledge of their challenges and workflows, whilst Xerox have the tools to help channel partners build simplified solutions for their customers. We believe it is a perfect combination. As the customer relationship builds, the channel partner can gain more share of wallet.

Does that sound like a game changer? It is.

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