Managing Print for International Clients – A Channel Partner Success Story

Back in March, I posted an article about Punto doc on how Xerox Partner Print Services helped transform Punto Doc. This told the story of how Punto Doc successfully transformed into a services and solutions provider.

One of their customers, Gruppo Manni from Verona in Italy, has kindly shared their experience of implementing managed print services across their global organisation and the impact it has had on their business.

It’s a familiar story that we hear from businesses large and small, across Europe and indeed the globe. Calculating your printing and document management costs is harder than it looks. Let alone how you optimize and automate document workflows across multiple countries and regions.

That is why choosing a vendor and channel partner that is capable of conducting a thorough print assessment using industry-leading tools from NewField IT, whilst providing a single integrated management platform was so critical to success.

In this video, Francesco Lombardo, CIO of Gruppo Manni takes you through their experience of implementing Xerox managed print services with Xerox Channel Partner, Punto Doc across multiple borders including Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania, Russia and Mexico.

I have also included the transcript below the video.

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Francesco Lombardo – CIO of Gruppo Manni

Gruppo Manni is based in Verona with 70 years’ experience in the iron and steel sector. We are a holding company for 12 companies, with 21 production plants in Italy, Germany, Spain, Romania and, more recently, in Russia and Mexico.
We have around 1,000 employees and an annual turnover of around 500 million euros. We serve 10,000 clients in 60 countries across four continents.

Our main problem was the need to have overall control of the domestic and international costs of document production. Part of our machine inventory was obsolete and in need of renewal, and it was certainly important for us to be able to increase the level of security in managing document production.

There was virtually no monitoring of our printing before this project. We knew our print volume but we were not able to calculate precisely either the cost or the volume for individual offices or factories.

We were initially very fragmented, managing around 18 brands within the group, 58 different device models and around 320 individual devices in total.

Management was spread over a wide area and partly contracted out, so we didn’t have tight control over document production costs. Gruppo Manni chose the Punto Doc and Xerox solution because the initial analysis was particularly precise and prompt and we recognised the effectiveness and importance of the Xerox solution as a whole.

Gruppo Manni saw great potential in the offer from Xerox since it offered us the chance to renew our company’s processes completely and optimise them, to create a significant saving on the volume and annual costs of printing and to optimise our machine stock by renewing it, thereby increasing its efficiency by using the latest technology available.

The fundamental advantage of the Xerox offer is Managed Print Services, which make Punto Doc’s proposal completely innovative and different from the rest of the market.

Normal, standard providers that don’t offer these possibilities can only provide a hardware management service which is inferior to the service offered by Punto Doc in every way.

Thanks to the accounting solution, we’ve succeeded in implementing significant security measures for our printing and our document production.

The Xerox managed print services solution that we adopted ensures that our machine stock is exceptionally efficient, and overall the solution has allowed us to reduce our print production by 38%.

Without the Xerox project, Gruppo Manni would have seen document production costs skyrocket. We wouldn’t have been able to manage document production in an organised and structured way, with complete control.

Our partnership with Punto Doc has allowed Gruppo Manni to concentrate on the company’s core business and forget about all the tasks relating to document production which have low added value.

It allows us to be competitive and flexible when we’re opening new factories and planning and setting up new areas of business.

A superior service from Punto Doc

A fantastic example of how Punto Doc are delivering a superior service offering than their rivals. By leveraging the power of Xerox partner print services, they have been able to design a solution that solves Gruppo Manni’s document management challenge – and scale it for their entire organisation across multiple borders using a single integrated management platform

Interested in selling Xerox Managed Print Services?

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