Partner Spotlight – How Xerox Channel Partner Steve Shannon Plans to Double His Revenue

Xerox Channel Partner Steve Shannon of Nustream Limited is committed to doing whatever it takes to grow his business – and it shows. He recently invested his time into the completion of the 10,000 Small Businesses certificate program. Founded by Goldman Sachs, the course is designed and delivered by globally renowned business schools including the Said Business School at Oxford University in the UK where Shannon was a participant. The course helps participants identify and execute the steps necessary to enable them to scale their ventures, expand their workforce and tackle new markets. Similar to a mini-MBA, participants also develop business growth plans which they can implement in their own businesses upon completion of the course. While Shannon took advantage of the UK-based program, there is also a program for business owners across the pond, in the United States.

Goals align with coursework and running a business simultaneously

Like any business owner, Shannon couldn’t just walk away from Nustream while completing the coursework. In spite of the significant time commitment, his vision for growth was strong enough that he was willing to take on this new challenge while simultaneously running his businesses. The coursework consists of both Webex and on campus sessions. Shannon acknowledges his belief that his twelve year career with Xerox had a positive impact on his ability to participate. Only high growth SME’s were accepted into the course, which was also an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded business owners. We caught up with Shannon recently to learn more about the course and how this and similar investments can help channel partners on both sides of the Atlantic execute their visions for growth.

Strategies outlined in the course were implemented into key business operations

Armed with a greater understanding of the existing opportunities within each sector, Shannon has also developed a plan to go after them. Throughout his term of study, Shannon created a strategic and detailed business growth plan that he has already put into action. “The lessons that I found most vital and will be incorporating first and foremost surrounded financial planning; strategies for external funding; value building behaviors regarding how to get the most from his employees; understanding risk while planning for growth, and of course, evaluating opportunities for growth. I hope that by incorporating what I have learned on these topics, Nustream will soon generate more customers and revenue,” said Shannon.             

The course is primarily aimed at business owners. Shannon considered every lesson with an eye toward improving performance for his team as a whole. He not only engaged with his staff as he progressed through the course, but is working from the top down to integrate the lessons he learned into Nustream’s daily business processes. “I firmly believe that every employee will benefit from the insights I gained by participating in this course, just as they are all sure to benefit from the increased sales and growth we hope to see in the coming months,” Shannon added.

Program graduates receive their certificates.

Plans for growth

Business plan in hand, Shannon is turning his sights to 2017 and putting this new strategy – and enthusiasm – to work. His goal? To double Nustream’s revenue for the upcoming fiscal year. A task made less daunting with first class preparation from business school’s certification.

Shannon’s example is a good one for channel partners of all sizes. In order for a business to evolve, its vision must do the same, an ideology that also holds true for growth. Continuing education and successful networking are two hallmarks of successful business owners. What will you do today to help your business grow?

To learn more about the program Shannon chose, take a look at this video that explains the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK program and the value it holds for small and medium business (SMB) owners. Channel partners based in the U.S. can turn here for more information on the stateside program.

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