HOW TO: Solving Records Filing Headaches for Health Care Providers

Despite advancements in electronic medical records, the health care system remains largely based on paper. Health care providers require particular printing and document management solutions that incorporate security, regulatory compliance, and the processing of hard-copy files into digital systems. Those unique requirements give IT service providers the opportunity to deliver tailor-made solutions packed with plenty of “service-attachment” potential. And it all centers on multifunction and cloud-connected printers.

The Solution

The multifunction printer (MFP) is a great focal point for solving the problems of health care clients. Solution providers working with Xerox MFPs can assist their health care customers with some simple, customized solutions for quickly digitizing hard-copy records and other forms while staying in compliance with industry standards and regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

How to deliver

To craft a solution for more efficient updating of patient medical records and forms, utilize the scan and print workflow capabilities of a Xerox MFP to turn the unit into a secure, private scanning device for badged employees. The printer becomes a records hub in the office, where staffers and doctors can scan in new charts and view and print copies for patients to take home.

Administering paper surveys of patients after checkups and treatments is another headache for many health care staffers. Again, the answer is a solution that leverages the capabilities of a Xerox MFP. Xerox partners can program a customer’s MFP with a “Survey” button on the unit’s touch screen, activating an option tree for different types of procedures, such as “teeth cleaning” or “surgery.” Staffers can then print the appropriate survey and scan in the completed form for doctors and administrators to analyze.

Key components

Solving these complex health care provider needs is often a matter of combining technologies and services readily available to Xerox partners. These technologies include:

Xerox® ConnectKey® MFPs

Multifunction printers with the Xerox ConnectKey platform enable solution providers to install and configure applications for managing, securing, and storing digital documents.

Xerox Personalized Application Builder (PAB) Program:

This initiative offers tools and resources, including an application development platform.

  • Partners with development capabilities can create personalized solutions from office and managed print services (MPS) to production.
  • Partners without development capabilities can connect and collaborate with existing PAB application developers to build applications on their behalf.

Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control Systems:

A combination of hardware and software controls access to MFPs and scanned records through multifactor authentication.

Professional Services:

With the help of qualified staff and methodologies, partners can assess health care providers’ needs and design appropriate solutions that integrate with health care record repositories.

Service opportunities

In addition to servicing Xerox printing equipment, solution providers supporting health care providers can offer a full array of managed print services to create recurring revenue after equipment is delivered and solutions are implemented. These attachable services include providing mobile printing and file management capabilities, backup and recovery services, cloud storage, security maintenance, remote access provisioning, and more.

The upshot

Industries like health care have specific, sometimes unusual IT needs, but they can often be addressed by smart, capable IT professionals with the ability to tweak more generic solutions.

Being able to quickly solve seemingly difficult, unique IT problems with efficient customization of the Xerox MFP platform is a valuable calling card when courting customers in verticals like health care.

Check out Xerox Partner Solution Playbook for more easy-to-implement managed print solutions that will wow your customers.

Become a Xerox channel partner

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If you want to leverage your in-house professional service capabilities – learn how to create personalized solutions for unique customer needs with the Xerox Personalized Application Builder program for channel partners.

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