Embracing Workflow Automation to Increase Efficiencies

When it comes to workflow automation, small and mid-size businesses are only at the cusp of fully embracing and subsequently benefiting from workflow automation. According to a recent third-party poll commissioned by Xerox, only seventy-two percent of SMBs have fully engaged this approach to enable them to perform their line of business more quickly, efficiently and painlessly. Partners can address the workflow automation vacuum by highlighting key pain points and simple steps to solve them.

Importing hard copy scans of purchase orders, invoices and receipts into applications like Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks, SalesForce, SAP, Concur and others could be particularly challenging. The steps of scanning, storing, filing and retrieving are time consuming and error prone. Some solutions currently in use are cloud enabled but require customers to exclusively use a particular manufacturer’s scanner or app – a costly endeavor.  Xerox Web Capture bypasses all of this red tape by providing customers with a solution that seamlessly integrates paper and digital based information into their work processes fast and error-free, without hardware expenses.

Helping Partners Drive Automation

Recently unveiled by Xerox, Xerox® Web Capture Services solves the pain point of scanning involving multiple steps, just to capture documents electronically. It’s the first in the marketplace to integrate with web based applications, capturing the documents directly into the business app, not files or folders. Since existing scanning devices of ANY brand can be used without additional investments in hardware, customers will quickly realize its ease of use.

Document solution providers can convey the benefits of Web Capture Services and ease of scanning documents in just one or two steps to customers. Whether its business invoices residing in Office 365, monthly spreadsheets or receipts connected to Quickbooks, Web Capture Services is a solution in the document workflow marketplace that eases major document capture and integration concerns. No special IT support is required.

Sales Approach for Customers in Vertical Markets

Document solution providers must first analyze and get to the core of what are the major pain points of their customers. More than likely, the crux of their workflow issues stems from the vertical nature of their business, whether its legal workflow applications, invoicing, or banking. Web Capture Services addresses document and process workflow concerns in all industries, simply and painlessly – which resonates with customers across a range of sectors. Partner sales approaches have to align with the issues their customers are experiencing.

Key Web Capture Services features include:

  • Embedded to web based application: automatically embeds scanned documents into a user’s cloud app.
  • Easy install: Install the Xerox Web Capture browser extension in seconds.
  • Any-to-Any Operation: Automatically discover the scanning devices that users already have connected to your computer or the network.
  • “Follow Me” Scanning: Scanned documents live securely within Xerox Web Capture on the cloud, enabling users to capture from one device and process at another location.
  • ConnectKey Integration: With Xerox multi-function printers, Xerox Web Capture users can invoke scanning to personal cloud space for immediate access from desktop browser.
  • Fast and Simple: Once users are subscribed, install is automatic, and can immediately use.

Complementing Web Capture Services, new Productivity Packs for ConnectKey® i-series multi-function printers are pre-packaged, high value, turnkey apps targeted at industry verticals including education, healthcare, finance and general office. These apps eliminate manual, time consuming and error prone tasks by converting paper-based processes into automated digital workflows. Each Productivity Pack contains five workflow applications specific to a vertical, so partners can dive into vertical market penetration without a software engineer and systems integrator to develop that workflow in-house.

Partner Solutions Playbook 2.0

An updated Xerox Partner Solutions Playbook 2.0 was launched concurrently with Web Capture Services and is an interactive library of tools designed to help partners sell and custom-build workflow solutions to generate new revenue. If you are a Xerox registered Channel Partner, you have access to Playbook 2.0 through the Partner Portal. The Playbook takes partners step-by-step at various points in the workflow solutions sales process – all the way through to when a deal is signed.

Most customers can only articulate their problem, but do not know the solution. Xerox Channel Partners have the tools and offerings that will help customers’ document flow experience to be seamless, easy, and fully integrated.

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