How To: Giving Healthcare Managed Print a Booster Dose

You don’t have to work in the healthcare industry to understand how challenging it is to share patient information between providers. After all, who among us hasn’t been a patient? We have all been asked to wrestle with the transfer of a record between clinics or to supply our health insurance company with details we barely remember; and an alarming number of us have dealt with the consequences of improperly stored (or improperly communicated) information.

So imagine what those challenges must feel like for the healthcare providers you serve: hundreds of patient files moving through dozens of hands daily, sometimes outside of the office; everything from a patient’s satisfaction to their health hanging in the balance – and the provider’s license on the line as well.
It’s a huge concern, and one that grows daily.

As changes like the Affordable Care Act come into play, and as confidentiality, HIPAA and storage requirements grow increasingly stringent– and increasingly complicated – Xerox, with the help of our channel partners, is offering a solution that can help healthcare professionals to not only cope, but to improve the flow of work so they can provide a better level of patient care.

Introducing the Xerox Healthcare MFP Solution. Specifically built for ConnectKey-enabled devices to connect small and medium sized care providers, the Xerox® Healthcare MFP connected by Kno2™ helps providers securely share patient information between clinics or with insurance companies to improve care quality and clinical outcomes.

Spotlight Video – Xerox® Healthcare MFP An overview and quick tour/demonstration


How to Deliver
Specifically designed with this industry in mind, the new Healthcare MFP helps providers securely exchange patient information. It is an unprecedented opportunity for you to help your healthcare customers boost their productivity, but more importantly, it is also a powerful way to improve the quality of care their patients receive, and ultimately improve clinical outcomes.

While it is comparatively easy for institutions like large hospitals to share patient data and information, many small and mid-size healthcare providers, such as family practices, pediatricians, physical therapy centers and treatment centers, are still relying on fax or snail mail to communicate basic patient information. It’s an inefficient and error prone system, and one that is surprisingly out of place in the field of medicine, where practitioners are continuously upgrading the technology they use to provide patient care. You can help them do the same for their paper processes. By introducing them to the new Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer (MFP) Solution, connected by Kno2™, you can help healthcare providers securely and efficiently digitize patient information for online exchange, and make it much easier for them to coordinate patient care.

For customers who are worried about compliance and confidentiality regulations, the Xerox® Healthcare MFP takes those healthcare regulations into consideration. Providers can rest easy knowing that this new offering makes it possible to securely send and share patient information with a fully HIPPA compliant clinical document exchange workflow that happens directly on their ConnectKey enabled MFP.

Key Components
The MFP Touch-panel gives instant access to a national healthcare network of more than one million providers. Paper records can be transformed instantly into usable, relevant and “structured” patient documentation, much easier to store – and much easier to share, and to read.

The new Healthcare MFP also allows for direct messaging via Kno2 over the Surescripts HISP, the largest and most secure health information network in the U.S. It also features document searches via Carequality, making it easy to search for the information you need – a much better way to search, especially when you need that information in a hurry.

Providers will also have the ability to request patient information electronically, reducing physician wait time, and making it easier for them to make better informed decisions more quickly than ever before. It also provides a higher level of security for patients thanks to Equifax services for identity verification which secures patient information from start to finish.

The Upshot
Imagine telling a doctor or other healthcare customer that you have a solution that will allow them to transfer information quickly and efficiently in a manner that is both secure and HIPAA compliant. The Xerox® Healthcare MFP makes it possible.

Ready to learn more? We’ve gathered some of our most Frequently Asked Questions, or you can review our Healthcare Info Assurance Disclosure. You can also read more here, or take a look at our Interactive Brochure to find out how the Xerox® Healthcare MFP can help your customers provide better care for their patients while boosting their productivity and improving security.

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