HOW TO: Enhancing Overall Efficiency for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

SMBs are a diverse lot; no two organizations are exactly the same. SMBs can differ vertically in the markets they serve, like healthcare, education or legal. Yet they also share some common needs. Each have horizontal functions like billing department or a front desk. Regardless of vertical or horizontal functions, each could operate more efficiently and productively, benefiting from automated workflows and feature-rich document-management systems.


By deploying ConnectKey-enabled MFPs from Xerox, partners open up a world of efficiency for SMB customers, helping them use enhanced scanning and printing solutions to complete horizontal or vertical tasks. Ultimately, partners should aim to enable SMBs to leverage MFP technology from end to end within their business operations.


Enhanced scanning and printing solutions can help small and midsize companies achieve efficiency across the gamut, from onboarding new employees to collaborating remotely, and everything in between.

Horizontally, for any organization…

When hiring a new staffer, there’s a lot of paperwork to complete and file. With specialized MFP applications, human resources personnel can scan in a new hire’s records and trigger an e-mail to a colleague requesting that the paperwork be processed. Remote collaboration is another area that’s critical for SMBs, especially as they leverage the “virtual office” and BYOD trends. By developing customized apps, partners can help companies with geographically distributed teams use their MFPs to scan in, route, and share project documentation securely and efficiently.

And vertically, for specific markets…

What’s more, enhanced scanning and printing solutions can streamline processes and dramatically increase productivity for SMBs operating in vertical segments. Realtors can archive client letters and file property disclosure statements electronically. Attorneys at law firms can scan in interrogatories (requests for further information from opposing counsel), have them converted automatically into Word, and route them to the appropriate client folders. Transportation companies can automate and digitize the process of submitting proof-of-delivery notes, and make those notes available through a cloud-based repository.


Xerox channel partners can address the general and specific needs and goals of SMBs by leveraging a host of available technologies, services, and tools:

  • ConnectKey MFPs: At the crux of Xerox MFPs, ConnectKey technology enables partners to install and configure applications for storing, managing, and securing digital documents.
  • Xerox App Studio (XAS) and Personalized Application Builder (PAB) Program: Through XAS, partners have access to app templates they can customize for specific clients. Partners with software development skills can use Xerox’s PAB platform to create and deploy customized software apps for SMBs.
  • Xerox Mobile Print: This platform allows for secure printing on the go, from any mobile device to any printer.
  • Professional Services: Partners tap into their overall technical acumen and specialized knowledge of the SMB market to address customer challenges and provide ongoing support.
  • Authentication, Authorization and Access Control Systems: Hardware and software go hand-in-hand to control access to MFPs and scanned records through multifactor authentication.


For partners serving SMBs, deploying document-management and workflow solutions can cut costs and maximize efficiencies across the board. Partners can deploy customized apps to streamline operations in every department, from administration and HR to legal and IT. Partners can use document management as an entry point to assessing a client’s overall IT environment, working with SMBs to develop comprehensive cloud and mobile solutions. In addition, partners can help SMBs realize the many benefits – cost containment and enhanced productivity, among them – of a managed print contract.


With enhanced scanning and printing solutions, Xerox channel partners can help SMBs achieve their business and financial objectives by focusing on efficiency, productivity, and reduced operational costs. See the Xerox Partner Solutions Playbook ( for specific managed print and workflow solutions.

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