Partner Spotlight: Foxway International Leverages its Success with Apps

Foxway International is the latest Xerox Channel Partner to share their story on their success with the Xerox Personalized Application Builder program (PAB). It’s a one of a kind program that provides the tools, training and marketing resources that enables partners to create personalized solutions for managed print services (MPS) and production.

Xerox Channel Partners across the U.S. and Western Europe are touting PAB as an excellent way to offer customized solutions for their customers’ most challenging problems, while also creating “stickiness” and customer loyalty, making PAB a win-win for everyone involved. Partners including Just Tech have been hugely successful by engaging PAB to help customers, as well as by  licensing the apps they’ve created so that other partners can assist their customers improve their workflows.

Customization is Key

If there’s one word we’re hearing more often than anything else in the large enterprise world, it’s customization. Small and mid-size businesses (SMB) want channel partners to know that they are more than just one size fits all. According to Stefan Nilsson, CEO of Foxway International, “the PAB program is really about customization. You meet with a customer, identify their specific pain points, and  build a customized app to meet their specific needs and improve their business.” Understanding your customers’ businesses and workflows allows you to sell a solution, but also become a part of the solution.”

Partners who take the time to understand what a typical day is like for their customers, learn about their goals and the challenges they face are almost certain to spot opportunities that others will miss – and those opportunities are where success stories begin.

Foxway discovered such an opportunity for a very surprising customer: themselves.

One App can Make All the Difference

For Foxway’s holding company Xllnc, invoicing was one of their greatest pain points. As the company grew, invoice handling became increasingly time consuming – and frustrating. Handling the invoices manually was a tedious process that taxed both employee resources and  patience, as each invoice had to be scanned individually as a PDF file (sometimes tying up the MFP for hours), and  opened on a desktop computer. Once the PDF was opened, information had to be manually extracted and transferred into the ERP system.

Knowing this process was costing them both time and money, Xllnc realized they had three options: outsource the process for a fee, purchase an existing solution, or create their own solution customized to meet their specific needs. With Personalized Application Builder, the choice was obvious.

With the help of the custom Foxway solution, invoicing at Xllnc now looks very different. Users can scan anywhere from one invoice to hundreds with one touch. Data is automatically extracted and sent to the ERP system and just like that, the job is done. A process that once required forty hours per month now requires just ten, saving Xllnc significant time and money.

Finding your Opportunity

Xerox PAB enables you to create customized solutions that resolve your customer’s most challenging pain points. Who knows? You may even find that the greatest challenge you resolve is your own.

You can also engage Foxway or Xllnc as a provider of professional services. With capacity of delivering solutions and services in both Europe, Asia and the US, Foxway is able to help any partner, or customer performing with customized apps. Foxway offers apps for services processes, along with a range of different vertical sectors specific to their workflow environments.

For Foxway, the PAB program really helped the Xllnc group go from a regional provider in Scandinavia to a global player in the solutions arena. In 2017, they plan to establish a U.S.-based entity to be able to deliver support, solutions and end-user services for North America “PAB really has helped us to grow and reach new markets,” Stefan Nilsson said.

Learn more about how the Personalized Application Builder can help you improve the flow of work and grow your business today.

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