The Age of the Millennial: Why You Want Them On Your Team

Diego HervasWith numbers close to 75 million, Millennials have officially overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest generation. They’re making an impact on the world and changing the face of the workforce. How to attract and retain these technology savvy, mobile and social focused employees is a consideration for both customers and channel partners alike.

The media seems to focus on the challenges of Millennials in the workplace. Before you believe the hype, take a closer look at the benefits they bring, and why you (and your customers) definitely want them to be a part of your team.

  1. They’re the first to appreciate and understand next-generation technology.
    If there’s one thing we know about Millennials, it is the value they put on technology, especially when it is used effectively within the workplace.
    They do not want to work with outdated hardware or software, and it might be fair to say they only want to work with cutting-edge, next-generation technology. It is not about an unwillingness to work with old machinery or a snobbery about their preferences being better than yours; it is about making smart decisions.
    Having a host of technology-hungry, industry savvy salespeople and marketers in your arsenal can encourage you to make smart choices about the technology you use inside your own doors, as well as give you valuable insights into how you can improve the way your customers work.

“I believe the most valuable resource we have in the company is the people themselves. We value young people because they are the future of the company, because they bring new ideas.”

Document Store, Xerox Channel Partner, Paris, France

  1. They’ll encourage more efficient workflows.
    Tied into their desire to work with the latest and greatest technology is the idea of using technology to work more efficiently. That is one of the reasons why Millennials gravitate towards next-gen tech so much; they understand the power it holds to cut down on waste and enhance productivity. Sound familiar? It’s exactly what you’re helping your customers do on a daily basis.
    A team that innately understands the value of efficiency is a team that already knows how to talk to your customers because they understand those needs. It’s also a team who appreciates the dramatic effect that can come from simple changes. Millennials are the perfect salespeople to introduce ideas like smarter document workflow.
    Bonus: because they love to feel like their insights and help are needed, they have a natural aptitude for sales in today’s climate where helping has replaced closing as the go-to sales strategy.
  1. They’ve mastered mobile.
    As companies increasingly look to reduce overhead and boost efficiency, they’re realizing that enabling mobile workers is the answer. Giving employees the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere can help to boost productivity and improve employee satisfaction. As technology natives accustomed to doing nearly everything from a handheld device – or at least, on the go – working remotely is already second nature to this crowd, and can be a huge draw when you’re looking to recruit new talent.
    Are your customers prepared for the mobile generation? As you work to recruit new talent for your own company, be sure to talk with your customers about the ways that this millennial generation is changing the landscape of business. All businesses need to ensure that their websites are mobile ready and that they have a strong (and carefully curated!) social presence.
    They also need to have the right technology to make their workplace attractive to millennial employees. ConnectKey® Technology with its intuitive user-interface and app driven experience is a great place to start the conversation with your customers.
  1. They value integrity and purpose.
    Millennials love to work for businesses that have other goals besides making a lot of money. They want to know that you care about the community and the world beyond your doors. They are also team oriented, and will show a strong commitment and work ethic when they’re working for a company they believe in.
    Millennials are a much different demographic from any we have worked with before. They’re transforming the face of business with their vision, and with their desire for flexibility, balance and integrity in the workplace.
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Perhaps you already have Millennials on your team. How do you keep them motivated, especially when they’re on your telesales team? Download our free guide –> How to Motivate, Manage and Inspire the Millennials in Your Telesales Team.

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