How the New MPS Essentials Suite is Helping Channel Partners with Their Most Critical Missions

“With this offering we can limit competition, support cooperative selling and create stickiness all with one sale.”

-Rick Lingon, vice president of sales and marketing, Virginia Business Systems

Whether business or personal, all relationships thrive when partners take the time to understand each other’s needs. As part of our ongoing mission to make it easier to do business with Xerox, executives and sales teams looked to our channel partners for feedback on what they need to succeed with managed print services (MPS). The result is a new offering that will help Xerox channel partners with what they’ve named as their most critical missions: driving more revenue and helping customers work better through increased productivity.

Xerox channel partners now have a single bundle of core Managed Print Services (MPS) software solutions that will both help them grow their own businesses, and improve productivity for their small- and medium-size business (SMB) customers. Xerox’s new MPS Essentials Suite is a value-rich package of tools for providing secure authentication, mobile print functionality, advanced scanning capabilities and productivity-enhancing apps that help channel partners make MPS deployment easy and profitable.

As most channel partners will attest, print management, mobility, capture, and translation services are a great way to help small and medium-sized businesses be more secure, mobile and productive. This new suite allows channel partners to take advantage of Xerox buying power and bundled pricing to save money and improve profitability, while still offering the best possible tools and solutions to their customers.

Exclusive to Xerox MPS Accredited Channel Partners in the US, this new option to bundle solutions makes it easier to sell managed print while adding value and annuity that can help channel partners stay ahead of the competition. MPS Essentials includes cloud-based solutions that are easy for channel partners to deploy, providing more efficient service to their MPS clients.

The new MPS Essentials Suite has also proven to be a great way to help channel partners improve their efficiency, thanks to apps that automate firmware updates, modernize customer support and status communications, and quickly and easily deploy from the cloud. The new bundled offering also provides value-add solutions to assist channel partners in building a strategy for customer innovation, as well as for recurring revenue from new services.

So far the new suite has been well received by Xerox channel partners, who love that the MPS Essentials Suite provides one-stop shopping when packaged with a device. Xerox channel partner Rick Lingdon, vice president of sales and marketing, Virginia Business Systems says, “With this offering we can limit competition, support cooperative selling and create stickiness all with one sale.”

The MPS Essentials Suite includes a wide range of solutions thoughtfully considered to meet the needs of the small to medium size business customer. Today’s MPS Essential Suite consists of the following:

  • Xerox Print Management and Mobility Service – a cloud-based solution designed to enable mobile work, grant secure access to printer fleets and provide user-based tracking.
  • Advanced Scanning Capabilities – Xerox’s scanning solutions go beyond simply scanning and digitizing paper documents to transforming business processes.
    • CapturePoint Transformer App provides customers with a powerful way to quickly transform paper into editable, actionable information by enabling users to securely scan and convert paper to searchable formats such as Microsoft Word or Excel and shared or stored in online locations such as SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive/365, email and more.
    • Xerox Easy Translation Service App allows customers to translate business-critical information into more than 40 languages, in just seconds, simply by scanning a document, snapping a photo or uploading a file.
    • Xerox Scan to Cloud Email App enables customers to easily scan documents and email them or save them to the cloud. The app simplifies the scan/send workflow to reduce user frustration and speed up document delivery.
  • Partner Productivity and MPS Support Apps
    • Firmware Connect App allows customers to automatically receive firmware updates to ensure ConnectKey devices are secure and optimally functional.
    • Xerox Support Assistant App gives customers easy access to the status of service and supply requests, reducing calls to partner help desks.

By combining their extensive lineup of managed print, mobility, scanning, and productivity solutions into one package, Xerox hopes that channel partners can provide their customers with the right tools to maximize flexibility and efficiency in today’s fast-paced digital world. The MPS Essentials Suite is another step toward helping Xerox provide channel partners and their clients with a 360 approach that takes the complexity out of documents, devices, and data. It is available to channel partners in the USA now, and will be released to partners in Europe, Canada and the rest of the world later this year.

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