Business Solutions Company AIS Becomes Xerox’s Newest Channel Partner

At Xerox, partnership is more than just a go to market strategy. The reciprocal relationship that exists and the synergy created when channel partners pair their knowledge and experience with Xerox products and solutions, enables success for everyone. Channel partners approach Xerox as an ally in their path toward growth, a goal Xerox has top of mind as well.

Xerox’s own Pete Peterson, President of Xerox channels, describes Xerox as a company who will be behind its channel partners for the long haul, with innovative products, programs and services all designed to help partners grow.

The latest company to recognize the benefits of collaborating with Xerox is new channel partner AIS. With multiple locations serving Las Vegas, NV and all of Southern California, AIS has a stellar reputation for providing business solutions that work for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Much like Xerox, AIS is a progressive tech company that goes beyond office copiers to help improve the way their customers work. The firm is growing rapidly, and their aggressive business plan required a partner that would not only mirror their values and culture, but could give them the resources and support to address their customers’ needs not only today but also into the future. Xerox fit the bill.

Partnership: It’s More than Just Products

AIS took their time when choosing a company to partner with, describing themselves as, “very selective.” And with good reason. They were looking for more than just a strong portfolio of products. They wanted to be sure they could also offer their customers the best possible level of back-end product support, an issue they felt was especially important for their light production customers.

AIS was looking to add a vendor with a complete top to bottom portfolio – office printers and multifunction printers to production presses – with a superior level of quality and support. AIS was very impressed with the size and scope of the Xerox support team, and their capability helped swing the vote in our favor.

Poised for Growth

While AIS already had a strong platform in place, they were ready to grow and strengthen the business. Though most of the customers on their very robust roster are small and medium size businesses (SMBs), they also hold a number of large accounts, including one of the largest school districts in the U.S. with whom they’ve placed more than 25,000 devices. Their goal is to continue providing customers of all sizes with the same level of superior service, while also earning the business of new large accounts like this one.

As many publications have reported, from a paper standpoint the print industry as a whole is shrinking at around 1.8% per year, which means that for most companies in the industry, growth comes from winning new business, a strategy that has been effective for AIS thus far. But there’s another opportunity out there, and AIS is taking full advantage. Light production is growing at a steady pace, but leveraging it for growth required AIS to have the right vendor in place.

Gary Harouff, President of AIS, put it this way, “When it comes to light production, reliability is key. Customers want consistent quality, and machines that offer easy integration with EFI Fiery® solutions and other applications. The Xerox® Versant® color presses and D Series of monochrome printers offer that. We’ve also found that more and more customers are placing light production equipment right in their business and convenience areas, in particular, verticals like law firms, and the Versant devices are a great fit. All in all, Xerox hits a sweet spot for us, allowing us to give customers everything they need.”

The AIS team also noted that while they hadn’t yet delved into the customization options afforded by ConnectKey Technology®, they were looking forward to getting their hands dirty. “We already love the Easy Translator app, and we are looking forward to creating customized apps for our customers in order to better serve them.”

Listen to AIS explain firsthand why they chose Xerox in this video.

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Making a Difference with Managed Print

It wasn’t long ago that Managed Print Services, or MPS, was purely about managing printers. It gradually grew to include an office’s total paper output, and today, MPS has expanded into true business process optimization. Channel partners like AIS help their customers manage their entire information flow from point A to point B throughout their organizations. As the AIS team told us, “MPS for us is not about clicks anymore. It has expanded into all areas of business, and Xerox gives us a competitive advantage.”

By asking their clients the right questions, AIS learns how to help them better manage their information, and can offer a cohesive solution that makes sense for each customers’ unique needs. AIS came to Xerox with an impressive Net Promoter Score of 93, so naturally they were determined to maintain that level of service to their customers going forward. With Xerox, they feel confident they can do so.

It Pays to be Picky

“We were really selective about who we picked as a vendor, and we like that Xerox is selective about whom they partner with as well. We know we made the right choice, and it felt good to have the affirmation of knowing that Xerox felt they were making a good choice in partnering with us.” – Gary Harouff, President, AIS

The AIS team prides itself not on what they are able to promise their customers, but on what they actually deliver in terms of improved business workflows, productivity and cost savings. They are strong proponents of continually evaluating the benefit to the customer, and the customer’s satisfaction, so it was important that they chose a vendor who could support their initiatives.

If you’re looking for a vendor to partner with, take a look at our post on The Top 8 Questions to Ask a Vendor Before Partnering. Thinking about partnering with Xerox? Hear from Amy Belcher, Xerox’s Vice President, Global Channel Marketing and Enablement, on why Xerox is the right partner program for you, and then explore the many benefits of the award-winning Xerox Global Partner Program, which CRN has described as exceptional.

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