Channelnomics Recognizes Xerox Security Summit as Top Security Event of 2018

Regardless of their size or industry, one thing every business has in common is a reliance on the Web to execute their fundamental business processes. Everything from communicating with clients to banking, ordering, invoicing and more, happens online. That means that every customer you serve is susceptible to cybersecurity breaches, making cybersecurity both a chief concern for your customers and a significant challenge.

Security breaches are costly, averaging about $3.6 million per incident, according to a Ponemon Institute study. In fact, the cost of cybercrime is expected to rise to $6 trillion by 2021 according to market research firm Cybersecurity Ventures.” That isn’t all. A data breach can also weaken a business’s reputation and irreparably damage its brand.

For dealers and resellers, print security offers a substantial opportunity to differentiate themselves in a crowded, competitive marketplace.

Channelnomics recognizes Xerox Security Summit as Top Security Event of 2018.

The 2018 Xerox Security Summit offered clear paths for partners to do so, offering value so powerful that Channelnomics has awarded it the title of Best Security Event of 2018.

An audience of 200 vendors, agents, dealers and customers attended the jam-packed event that featured provocative talks and panel discussions from industry experts.

Inside the Event

A number of industry experts presented at the Security Summit, offering a range of perspectives on the state of cybersecurity.

Famed hacker Kevin Mitnick shared his favorite phishing, ransomware, malware and HID-card cloning tricks to show how easy it is to be victimized by a well-planned cyber-scheme targeting everyday business processes. Dov Yoran, senior director, Cisco Strategy and Business Development Security Group, described the industrialization of cybercrime, noting how prevalent and intelligent it has become.

Despite this increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape, 70 percent of jobs in the field will go unfilled by 2022, said Candace Worley, vice president and chief technical strategist for McAfee. Her recommended solution: a more open culture with vendors cooperating to develop technologies that meet the challenge.

Other speakers included Sergio Caltagirone, director of Threat Intelligence and Analytics at Dragos, and Alissa Johnson, Xerox chief information security officer and former White House Deputy CIO.

Xerox is committed to securing the printing infrastructure. With the success of this event, Xerox is shaping the future of cybersecurity, while also offering partners an excellent opportunity to grow by helping their customers, and differentiating themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Get an inside look here in this video.

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Succeeding with Print Security

Managed Print Services (MPS) offers channel partners the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors who sell technology exclusively. It is also an excellent way to build trust relationships with customers, and to position themselves as knowledgeable, trusted advisors.

Channel partners who are succeeding with this approach, include Security Summit attendee Chris Gallagher, part of Chicago-based Green Office Partner. He noted that Xerox’s Cisco and McAfee partnerships, which meet the U.S. government’s rigorous FedRAMP standards, coupled with brand recognition, have made the selling easier. Moreover, its clear customers really do care about printer security. “My printer security website page gets 20 times more traffic than any other page,” reported Gallagher.

Attendee Terry Greenan Jr., of New York-based multi-brand dealer Greenan Business Products, acknowledged cyber security awareness is growing. He said security can be the gateway to net-new business as executive-level decision-makers become more involved in technology purchase decisions. “Businesses can deal with spending a little more if it’s going to save them from a big loss or a big data breach. If you’re leading with that, you’re selling more value.”

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