New Partner Enablement Tools are Spelling Success for Xerox Channel Partners

At Xerox, we know that it takes more than an award-winning portfolio of products, services and solutions to equip partners for success. True partner enablement requires tools and resources that prepare channel partners to both market and sell that portfolio, and to fully leverage its benefits to help their customers.

The most recent updates and releases from Xerox are a huge leap in the direction of success, giving channel partners an in-depth sales playbook with an easy to use workflow mapping tool, and a quick study guide to help gain a competitive edge in the rapidly moving world of app development. Here is a look at the most recent releases, and how they can help you, our valued channel partner, grow your business.

Inside Your Winning Playbook

Xerox Partner Solutions Playbook Website
The Xerox Partner Solutions Playbook is an interactive library of tools designed to help our channel partners generate new business.

Most customers can only identify the problem. It is up to channel partners to know the solution. The Xerox Partner Solutions Playbook is an interactive library of tools designed to help channel partners sell and custom-build workflow solutions that will generate new revenue. The playbook takes channel partners step-by-step through the sales process, all the way through to the deal signing, guiding them on how to use the Xerox portfolio to help their customers work better, and position themselves as knowledgeable, trusted advisors. Every Xerox registered Channel Partner has access to the latest version right through the Partner Portal.

Solutions Playbook 2.0 has everything channel partners need to convince their customers about the value of solutions. And now it’s better than ever. The latest incarnation of this partner-favorite tool has been redesigned for clarity, ease of use and superior functionality.

  • Arm yourself with real-life business scenarios that show how you can streamline workflows and reduce operating costs
  • Showcase your own success stories
  • Discover new ways to start conversations that can benefit your customers and help you grow your business

Visit the Xerox partner portal and get a closer look at the Solutions Playbook today.

Simple to Follow Strategies

Version 2.0 of the Workflow Mapping Tool takes the popular tool a step further, enhancing the usability while offering new icons that highlight business impacts. The Workflow Mapping Tool is very effective in guiding channel partners to uncover sales and growth opportunities by helping them start the right conversations with their customers. The Workflow Mapping Tool will allow channel partners to capture each step in the customer’s workflow process to help them discover pain points that exist. Channel partners can then send this information to solution advisors that can recommend options for improving the process. The tool also comes with an ROI calculator to give customers an estimated cost of the current process vs. the potential gains from the proposed solution.

Become an App Expert

The conversation around apps is growing louder every day. You already know that they add value to every sale and that they hold tremendous growth potential. But how do you find the best one to help your customers with their business processes? The answer is in the new Xerox App Finder.

Available in multiple languages, the Xerox App Finder is a central catalogue for every app and application that has been developed by Xerox and Xerox Channel Partners. Here’s what it can do for you.

  • Offers quick and easy access to every published app and application
  • Let’s you rapidly search through each one with advanced filtering options
  • Shows you screenshots, videos, and provides links to sales material
  • Give you the latest information about updates and new features
  • Features unbiased ratings from Xerox Partners to help you choose the right app for the right job
  • Provides useful links to support resources and tools that can help make your next sale easier
  • Allows you to raise your profile as a developer by listing your app in the App Finder so you can showcase it within the Xerox community, with full control of your marketing material, support tools, version management, and contact details.
  • Gives you an inside look at what else is available on the market so you can spot unmet needs and opportunities
  • The app finder also includes an easy to use feature which enables channel partners to submit their app ideas for a formal review, and to receive helpful feedback and response.

Whether you’re a Xerox channel partner or developer or both, the App Finder is a great way to keep in touch with the fast-moving world of Xerox apps. Check it out and come back often to see what’s new.

Try the Xerox App Finder today.

Putting it All Together

With the Solutions Playbook, Workflow Mapping Tool, and App Finder at your fingertips, you are perfectly positioned to help your customers work better and to generate new revenue and growth for your own business.

Ready to grow your business by becoming a Xerox Channel Partner? Contact your Xerox account manager, or review the Xerox Global Partner Program and apply to become a Xerox channel partner today.

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