5 Ways Channel Partners Can Unlock The Super Powers In Xerox MFPs

Create applications that your customers (and your bottom line) are sure to love. They may even think you’re a superhero for creating them.
Build applications your customers’ will love
Mark Boyt

Maybe your printers can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, but did you know that some MFPs have super powers that you might not be aware of. They can easily streamline workflows, quickly manage documents and even link back to your customers’ document repositories.

The secret to super powers – Xerox Personalized Application Builder

These super powers not only ensure that your customers’ lives and businesses run more efficiently but also create fantastic opportunities for you, our Partners. In this blog, we’ll show you some examples of how you can unlock these capabilities within Xerox Personalized Application Builder (PAB) – to create applications that your customers (and your bottom line) are sure to love. They may even think you’re a superhero for creating them.

Turn intimate customer knowledge into the perfect solution

Personalized Application Builder is a suite of tools that allows you to build personalized and customized solutions for your office, production and managed print service opportunities. By using these tools, you can deliver simple yet powerful workflows according to the way your customers work. Moreover, your ability to build upon your customers’ needs and turn that intimate knowledge into the perfect solution will set you far above the competition.

Just think of the power of applications across segments…

  • Will your application to automate print jobs save a school district hours or days each month?
  • Can it connect medical systems to work together more effectively?
  • Will the ability to save contracts to a depository such as Google Drive, DropBox or SharePoint empower your local real estate office or government agency?

The sky is the limit.

5 examples of ways you can successfully position Personalized Application Builder for your customers:

  1. Automate Workflows & Reduce Errors

    Your customers can eliminate extra work and the possibility of errors by properly scanning records and immediately storing them into a searchable database. Consider how the same “Scan Image” button can be used for different customers. A law firm may require legal documents to be scanned at a higher resolution whereas a business wanting to preserve server space may require images to be saved at a lower DPI. This functionality can be built directly into each customer’s “Scan Image” button, ensuring simplicity for the end user.

  2. Implement Custom Features

    You can create custom user interaction capabilities such as an “invoices” or “expenses” buttons on the multifunction printer touch screen. These features will allow customers to simultaneously send an invoice or expenses to the right department and archive the information in a document management system for easy retrieval. To the end user, a simple push of a button, in turn, kicks off an entire workflow behind the scenes.

  3. Enable Partner Direct Customer Support

    You can enable personalized support opportunities that help you stay one step ahead of your customers’ needs. For example, you can create an “I Need Some Supplies” button. The ease of reordering will directly improve customer satisfaction, not to mention help drive revenue streams.

  4. Create Familiarity and Simplify the Experience at the Device

    Develop menus and language that are meaningful to your customers. If your customers refer to scanning as upload, make sure to create an “Upload” button rather than a “Scan” button. You can also create customized tasks, such as “Pull & print from a document repository” or “Submit to claims department.” By talking like a local, it reinforces that you are in touch with their needs and committed to meeting their unique business requirements.

  5. Leverage Managed Print Services-Application Programming Interface (MPS-API)

    MPS APIs allow you to extract service / support information directly from the MPS hosted suite and import directly into your own system. By getting the information sooner, you can respond faster to customer needs and feed that information directly through to the end user. For example, you can add a “Service Ticket Status” message to the multifunction printer touch screen when a printer is down, eliminating the need for multiple calls for support.

Build it yourself or get a Xerox Authorized Developer Partner do it for you

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg of what you can offer your customers. Best of all, the capabilities within PAB are now available for you to either build yourself or for someone else to build for you with our newly developed Xerox “Authorized Developer Partners” Program. You will be able to engage this community and pay for an application to be developed on your behalf. If you would like further information the Personalized Application Builder program including upcoming workshop opportunities, please visit our landing page at xerox.com/personalize.

What super powers are you planning on creating for your customers? Submit your ideas below.

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  1. Joshua Justice September 22, 2014 -

    Southern Solutions developed a Contact Us App to enhance communication with our customers and to simplify the service & supplies process. Two of our employees attended the Xerox Personalized Application Builder workshop and were inspired to create our hosted solution. Customers can request service & supplies from the Xerox ConnectKey device. They can also request Xerox Eco boxes for easy return & recycling of supplies. On version 1.5 which will be released soon, customers can submit feedback on areas of praise or concern. We are excited where this new technology will take us and our customers!
    You can check out a video of our app here: http://youtu.be/3SlRkreTAZU

    • cpcblog September 23, 2014 -

      Thanks for commenting Josh. We love the video and how you’ve used Personalized Application Builder to solve a real life challenge for your customers. Excited to see what you will come up with next and how it will inspire other Xerox channel partners.

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