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Is Your Personal Brand as Strong as Your Business Brand?

By |Apr 5, 2018|

Branding is a fundamental principle of marketing, but with social media blurring the line between our business identities and our personal lives, today’s sales leaders need more than just a strong business brand. They need a strong personal brand as well.

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    What’s the Right Light Production Content for Channel Partners to Share on Social Media?

What’s the Right Light Production Content for Channel Partners to Share on Social Media?

By |Mar 8, 2018|

Is your social media driving traffic – or driving prospects away? Feeds that constantly self-promote or focus solely on machine releases and on “special offers” can ultimately do more harm than good. Here’s how to know whether you’re creating content your audience wants to read.

3 Ways to Combine Events and Social Media to Improve Sales

By |Feb 8, 2018|

Social media can help you build powerful relationships with customers even before you meet them. It’s also an essential part of hosting a successful event. Here’s how to use social media to draw visitors to your next event or exhibition.

Why Print Marketing is Making a Comeback in 2018

By |Feb 5, 2018|

Leveraging marketing trends for growth is arguably more complicated today than ever before. In this post we’ll explore how Xerox channel partners can leverage today’s dynamic marketing landscape to drive growth.

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Marketing

By |Dec 11, 2017|

Recently, we explored four things to look for when you’re hiring your first marketing resource, which offers excellent tips on understanding what to look for and how to vet candidates. In this post we’ll explore the pros and cons of outsourcing your marketing efforts.