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Five Website Trends for an Exceptional Buyer’s Journey

By |May 11, 2017|

Today’s customers expect seamless, consistent experiences across your digital and business locations. By taking the time to extend the local journey online, you’re delivering on those expectations to prospects, before you meet.

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    4 Social Media Trends to Drive Sales for Xerox Channel Partners

4 Social Media Trends to Drive Sales for Xerox Channel Partners

By |Apr 27, 2017|

We love the way social drives awareness and traffic to our websites, but hate the amount of time it takes. Here are four social media trends worthy of consideration when growth is part of your plan.

How Buyer Personification Drives Demand Generation

By |Apr 17, 2017|

Websites are responsible for the lion’s share of the rapport building and information delivery. In order to understand and develop effective marketing strategy for modern buyers, we first need to conduct a bit of research and create buyer personas.

3 Social Media Hacks for Marketing Success

By |Feb 23, 2017|

Today, social media is prevalent and necessary. Not essential, maybe — it is possible to do business without it, but it certainly is better to have.

Digital Marketing Will Reshape Your Business in 2017

By |Nov 10, 2016|

Back in the day, a company’s brand and product messages could be tightly controlled through carefully-placed adverts, public relations and executive meetings. But digital marketing has triggered a revolution and a free-for-all. So has your print business changed shape to adapt?