Automate with Xerox Versant 180 and 3100 Presses

“Hello. I’d like to tell you about the quality on this new digital printing press. Shall we set-up time to meet?”

Does this sound like a conversation you’ve had recently with prospects?

Here’s the problem: the quality of today’s digital printing presses has gotten really good. Your customers hear about quality all the time. And truthfully, it might be hard for them to distinguish a difference between manufacturers. As a result, quality has become commoditized. Your customers simply expect it.

But what if you gave them the unexpected – a way to grow their profit margins by solving a major problem they struggle with every day?

We’re talking about automation.

Let’s be real, your customers are stretched thin. Getting by on a few really long-run jobs is a thing of the past. Today, they have more short-run jobs coming into the shop than ever before. This creates two big challenges:

  1. Cost savings: More jobs means more human touches, which inevitable means greater risk for errors. Error leads to rework. Rework leads to waste. And waste, ultimately, leads to shrinking profit margins.
  2. Efficiencies: To keep up with these jobs and touches, press operators will look to cut corners on time-consuming tasks. Things like calibrating the press each day to ensure tight registration and accurate color might not happen because there’s just no time.

What if a printing press could automate a range of everyday functions, spanning from job submission to finishing? Color management, registration, clearing paper jams, trimming and binding – all would be automated.

We’d like to introduce you to the Xerox Versant 180 and Xerox Versant 310. This family of presses will help solve many of the challenges a busy print shop faces every day.

Getting to know the Xerox Versant Family: Which audiences does this Technology Serve?

Xerox Versant 180

The Xerox Versant 180 prints at speeds of up to 80 pages/minute and handles average volumes of 80,000 prints a month. It is a consistent performer in the mid-production range, ideally suited for print shops and enterprise environments that need simple and affordable solutions to deliver more quality in less time. An optional Performance Package delivers top print speeds regardless of stock and enhanced automation features.

Xerox Versant 3100

The Xerox Versant 3100 is a production workhorse in a class of its own, featuring very advanced levels of automation and productivity. It prints at speeds of up to 100 pages/minute and handles average volumes of 250,000 per month. It’s an ideal choice for busy print shops that need to turn around jobs fast, boost productivity and improve margins through automation.

Automation Comes Standard

Right from the start, the Xerox Versant family of presses comes packed with industry-leading automation features not found in any competing product in its class.

Take press calibration, for instance. It’s a lot like flossing. You know you’re supposed to do it every day, but few people actually do. The reason? It’s cumbersome and time consuming.

Similarly, every press should be calibrated each shift (or at least once every few days) to ensure accurate and repeatable color, but your press operators probably don’t bother.

Back to flossing, if it happened automatically while you brushed your teeth, you’d do it every time without batting an eye. Essentially, that’s how the Versant family works. When operators learn they can perform this once daunting task with just two mouse clicks, one to start the process and one to accept the results – and it only takes two minutes and not twenty – they’ll do it daily.

Some Versant features are fully automated, while others require just a few simple mouse-clicks. But they all save press operator time, maximize up-time and keep churning out profitable pages.

Image Quality that’s Scientifically Better

Do you remember the first time you saw the amazing picture quality of an HDTV? Compared to a standard definition television, the quality probably blew you away.

The reason for the better picture quality comes down to pixels and resolution. A high definition television has at least twice the linear resolution than that of a standard definition television.

That very same principle is applied to the Xerox Versant suite of products using a proprietary technology called Ultra HD Resolution. Images are rendered at a color depth of 10 bits, enabling the press to print each of the four primary colors (CMYK) with any of 1,024 shades, compared to 256 shades with the industry-standard 8-bit color.

The result is resolution four times superior than competitive presses and an image quality that’s scientifically greater. You’ll see smoother gradients, finer lines and sharper text.

This technology was recognized by the Printing Industries of America (PIA) with a prestigious InterTech Award, given to “truly innovative technologies expected to advance the performance of the graphic communications industry.”

First-Hand Feedback from a Xerox Versant 180 Press User

Fairport, NY-based printer Printegra produces a wide-variety of high-quality business documents and custom-printed products for print brokers and resellers. Printegra recently tested a Versant 180 Press with Production Ready Finishing options.

“It’s the Swiss army knife of cut-sheet presses,” said Tim Sellers, general manager, Printegra. “Being able to offer full-bleeds and square folds inline is a great advantage. Jobs that had previously touched multiple departments can now be done in one pass.”

For Printegra, Versant expanded their product offerings to dealers and in turn grew revenue. Versant’s Ultra HD resolution was also a key factor for Printegra, delivering consistent color from the beginning to the end of each run.

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More Best-in-Class Features of the Xerox Versant Family

  • Automated Sheet Clearing: Let’s be honest, paper jams happen. It’s almost as certain as taxes. When choosing which press to invest in, your customers should ask themselves, “Is this press designed to get me printing again, quickly, and with as few obstacles as possible?” With the Versant family, the answer is ‘yes’. When a paper jam occurs on a Versant 3100, all sheets before and after the jam are automatically ejected to the top trays. This eliminates the frustration of having to open every single door and lever along the paper path to clear individual sheets. With Versant 180, the short straight paper path and job integrity features get you printing faster if you run into an issue.
  • Full-Bleed Inline Finishing: With the click of a button – collateral, photo books and directories are given the polished appearance of a perfect bound booklet with added stitched spine security of a. The Xerox® Two-sided Trimmer and Xerox® SquareFold® Trimmer make it happen.
  • Extra Long Sheet Printing: Larger media size (up to 26″ or 660 mm) allows print providers to expand their service offerings into new applications, such as posters, dust jackets and calendars.
  • Faster Media Management: Enables operators to store a large listing of stock settings and retrieve them with a single click to assign to a paper tray. For challenging media, operators can create and name special ‘Alignment’ and ‘Fold’ profiles for easy access (Available on the Versant 3100).

Start Capturing Opportunities

A win for your customers is also a win for you as a Xerox Channel Partner. The industry-leading automation and best-in-class productivity features on Xerox Versant presses will not only help grow your customers’ profit margins, but also serves as a great conversation starter that can open doors for your business. Get your Xerox Versant 180 and 3100 Press marketing materials by visiting the Partner Portal.

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