Boost Your MPS IQ with this Special “Best Of” Edition

By now you already know that investing in Managed Print Services (MPS) is a smart move for your small and medium size business (SMB) customers. MPS is the key to improved productivity and reduced costs That’s why it’s so surprising that only a fraction of those customers have truly optimized their document management processes.

However, most businesses need guidance when it comes to designing and implementing an effective digitization or MPDS strategy. That’s why, when it comes to optimizing their print and multifunction devices, more than a third of SMBs enlist the help of outside expertise.

Channel partners are SMBs best resource for finding the right MPS strategy and the right workflow solutions to help them streamline and automate their document processes. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of our top MPDS blogs to help you start a conversation about MPS with your customers, so you can work together to build the right plan for their business – and win new business for yours.

  • 6 Things SMBs Need to Know About Cloud MPS Delivery
    This post gives a comprehensive overview of the many ways that cloud-based MPS can help SMBs thrive and help them level the playing field while competing with larger corporations. It also explains why cloud-based MPS is a winning strategy not just for SMBs, but also for Channel Partners.
  • Understanding SMB Priorities and Selling Solutions to Solve their Pain Points
    Growth and productivity are top concerns for most SMBs. The best way to achieve these goals is with digitization, improved workflows and print management – and the best way to implement solutions to those goals is with the help of a single-source solutions provider. This post offers tips on how to sell solutions that alleviate your SMB customers’ pain points to enable growth for the both of you.
  • Top 4 Ways MPS and the Cloud Deliver Value for SMBs
    With the majority of SMB customers still relying on printing to support their business processes, the opportunity for channel partners to take advantage of the MPS opportunity has never been greater. This post goes beyond the most commonly discussed benefits of MPS (reducing costs, unburdening IT staff) and explores the far reaching benefits of MPS, and why it’s a great way to deliver value for your SMB customers.
  • How Managed Print Services (MPS) Streamline Processes for SMBs
    Nearly half of SMBs report that paper is slowing down their processes. This post outlines the importance – and value – of a print assessment through a Xerox Channel Partner, and how the right MPS strategy allows you to offer your customers a wealth of benefits, from risk mitigation to automated workflows, improved collaboration and compliance, and everything in between.
  • Contractual Print Services: An MPS Playbook for IT Resellers
    This post explores large enterprise’s longtime practice of outsourcing the ongoing management of their print and document infrastructure to third-party service providers, as well as how the shift to 3rd Platform technologies has caused both disruption and innovation in the business sector. It’s an important post for Channel Partners because it also dives into the impact this has had on small businesses, and how outsourcing makes sense for SMBs.
  • Selling Managed Print: Part 1 – The Hidden Costs of the Supplies Process
    This post takes a look at a different – and critical – side of selling MPS; the hidden costs of a client managing their own printer supplies process – and why it is vital that channel partners uncover those hidden costs on every sales call.
  • Selling Managed Print: Part 2 – Clarifying the Value of Managed Print
    The second post in this two part series addresses the (mis)perception that it is cheaper to manage print in-house rather than outsource to a managed print service provider, which some analysts believe is a key reason behind the relatively low MPS adoption rates. Here’s how to address this misconception with your customers, and show them the value of MPS.

This round up of our most popular MPS related blogs will help you take a look at this service from a variety of angles, so you can start a conversation, address customer pain points, answer questions, and use MPS to both help your customers and grow your business (and theirs!).

What MPS questions or topics would you like us to address in future posts? Tell us in the comments!



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