Appetite for Apps: Channel Partners See ROI with Workplace Assistants

Evolving from technology resellers to workflow consultants, over 400 Xerox channel partners are designing and marketing custom printer apps to solve their customers’ unique business challenges. As a result of bringing more relevance and value to clients, apps present an opportunity for partners to boost recurring post-sale revenue, and a win-win model for enterprises looking to reexamine existing workflow processes and accelerate digital transformation.

The Xerox team held its second annual think tank for channel partners, specifically those certified to design and market apps for ConnectKey Technology®-enabled devices. The Partner Application Builder (PAB) Forum brought together 33 channel partners, the majority from Europe, to learn how ROI can be furthered through a new e-commerce model: a global marketplace and vehicle to sell apps worldwide. In addition, Partners showcased their own apps and participated in panel discussions on how to find opportunities to suggest software solutions to clients.

“Partners are in the mindset to solve problems for their clients,” said Mark Boyt, Global Head of Solutions Marketing. “We encourage partners to find it, map it (design an improved workflow), and app it. Over 3,400 people are actively using the workflow mapping tool and that number grows 10% every month.”

Reactions during the Forum

EtiQube, an Italy-based company and one of Xerox’s most active app developers, has created a portfolio of software solutions that solve a wide variety of clients’ business problems. Alberto Raimondi, CEO and owner of EtiQube said, “Since we engaged in app development, the discussions with our clients have been elevated to a much more strategic level. We don´t just talk about printers but about leveraging Xerox workplace assistants to re-engineer and automate business processes, building a more productive workplace.”

Veenman, a Netherlands-based subsidiary of Xerox has created a suite of security and search apps including Secure ID, a GDPR-compliant process that automatically redacts sensitive information when scanning and sending personal documents like driver licenses, passports and billing statements. Arjan Karssen, Business Solutions Manager of Veenman said “The Xerox ConnectKey platform on the devices empowered us to develop apps to close the gap between standard features versus specific customer needs. This resulted in 20-25% growth in one year.”

“Proud! The Secure ID App from Veenman is best appreciated by all participants of the #Xerox PAB Forum in London!”

“Xerox’s technology platform allows partners to up-level conversations with clients, increase their relevance while opening up incremental revenue streams,” said Bertrand Cerisier, vice president, Global Marketing, Technology & Services Offerings, Xerox. “The opportunities for our partners are boundless and we’re now making it even easier for them to market these apps.  We’re here to support them all the way.”

For more information about the Xerox PAB program visit this link.

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