How to Improve Customer Experience with Managed Print Innovation

In my role as Field Operation Manager, US Channels Group, I often meet Xerox Authorized Agents that have seen success with selling Managed Print Services (MPS).

I spoke with Josh Justice (JJ) of Southern Solutions in Southern Maryland and asked him about his business, the role customer experience plays in his strategy and how he has taken Xerox tools to create an innovative solution that his customers and fellow channel partners love.

What’s more, we captured it all on video. The full video transcript is below the video.

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Hi Josh as president and owner of Southern Solutions, I’m sure the customer experience is very important to you and your business. Managed Print Services is very important to growing your business. Can you talk to me a little bit about how you are able to integrate customer experience with your managed print services offering?

Managed Print Services makes up over fifty percent of my companies revenue, so we are always looking at ways to improve on the processes and the customer experience. We have developed ways to simplify the service and supplies process by giving the customer the ability to request service and supplies directly on the Xerox ConnectKey device.

Josh are you telling me that customers are not picking up that phone and calling you?

They are not picking up the phone, they are taking about ten seconds to open the Contact Us app and hit request service or request supplies.

So tell me, your customers, they must be so delighted with this.

They really love it, they smile every time I say “you don’t have to call us”.

Does your competition offer this type of service?

No, not currently, we haven’t seen any competitive offering close to this. It’s completely branded to us, and also on the main page we can share information with customers. We can share our Twitter feed, pictures of our company, holiday pictures, more information on products and services, whatever we want.

So this is a customizable app for partners to share with their customers, differentiating both the partner and Xerox in the market place.

Absolutely and with our automatic firmware updates, it increases customer satisfaction, increases the equipment’s reliability, decreases the service calls and decreases the partner’s workload.

Now with our solution we can automatically update firmware. No one else is currently updating in real time, the firmware in that type of solution.

Security is always on our customer’s minds and they love the fact that they are getting automatic security updates with the automatic firmware updates – something they do not get from anyone else.

That’s terrific Josh. Well good luck with the rest of the quarter I’m sure you’ll knock it home and thank you for taking the time.

The journey continues with certification

Since this interview, Xerox has certified Southern Solutions as a Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer. This makes Southern Solutions the second company globally to become certified and the first United States partner.

What’s next?

Josh and the Southern Solutions team continue to develop the applications further. Now that the Contact Us App and Automatic Firmware Updates are eligible for Co-Op reimbursement for Xerox Authorized Sales Agents in the USA – who knows where innovation will take them next as they use innovation to grow.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Xerox Personalized Application Builder Authorized Developer, you can register your interest here.

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  1. Nancy L. Justice August 31, 2015 -

    I am extremely proud of my son, Joshua Justice, and the Southern Solutions team. Their innovation, dedication, and positive customer relationships are phenomenal! Congratulations on your success!

    • cpcblog September 1, 2015 -

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment Nancy

  2. Delphia April 22, 2016 -

    Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real expert.

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