HOW TO: Providing Document Management Solutions and Services to SMBs

Many small businesses face critical decisions as they transition from paper-based record-keeping to digital document management processes. As they move toward digitization, SMBs want to keep printing costs down, simplify document workflows and collaboration processes, and achieve sustainability goals, all while maintaining productivity levels without interruption.


The MFP is at the heart of document management in most SMB settings. Solution providers working with Xerox ConnectKey MFPs can create simple, tried-and-true document management solutions for SMB customers in a variety of different business segments. Typical document management solutions and services address challenges such as digitizing hard-copy records, making copy jobs more efficient, streamlining back-office transaction processing, and more.


Digitizing paper records doesn’t have to be a major chore. Solution providers can help SMB customers by integrating technology with MFPs that allows them to scan documents and make them accessible to authorized parties within an organization just by inserting paperwork in the document feeder and pressing a few buttons. Channel partners can also provide customers with a disaster-recovery service tied to this record digitization solution, automatically backing up in the cloud any digital records scanned from hard copies.

Many SMBs also struggle with other intersections of paper-based and digital workflows – for example, with digitizing paper receipts, scanning documents to e-mail, and similar tasks. Xerox channel partners can assist customers in overcoming such workflow hurdles with off-the-shelf software solutions, such as an app that lets users scan receipts from a device into a cloud storage destination like Dropbox for their expense reports. Partners can also enroll SMB customers in third-party specialist expense programs to further streamline their day-to-day workflow and free up staff to focus more exclusively on core business objectives.

Solving SMB document management problems is often a matter of combining technologies and services readily available to Xerox channel partners. These include:

ConnectKey MFPs: Multi-function printers with the ConnectKey platform enable solution providers to install and configure applications for managing, securing, and storing digital documents.
• Xerox App Studio (XAS) and Personalized Application Builder (PAB) tools: With ready-to-go, template-based apps, along with PAB tools, partners can create personalized solutions from office and managed print services (MPS) to production. (Partners without software development capabilities can collaborate with PAB developers.)
• Authentication, Authorization, and Access Control Systems: Hardware and software can be combined to control access to MFPs and scanned records through multifactor authentication.
• Professional Services: Qualified staffers identify SMB customers’ needs and design appropriate solutions that integrate with their existing IT hardware, software, and network design.


Smaller businesses often outsource basic IT services that are handled in-house by larger firms. In addition to providing hardware, software, and network maintenance, Xerox channel partners serving SMBs have opportunities to deliver hosted solutions such as cloud-based backup and recovery services. and can act as trusted advisors in helping to implement automated workflow solutions. Partners can offer a full array of managed print services to SMBs for recurring revenue after equipment is delivered and solutions are implemented. These attachable services include providing mobile printing and file management capabilities, business continuity services, cloud storage, security maintenance, remote access provisioning, and more.


SMBs face many of the same challenges with modernizing their document management processes as enterprises. But unlike larger organizations, SMBs often don’t have the resources or the know-how to deploy document management solutions on their own.

Xerox channel partners have the advantage of working with ConnectKey MFPs and a growing host of apps and pre-designed solutions that can solve just about any document management problem an SMB customer is facing.

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