Partner Success Story: Profit Margins Increase by Offering Xerox Supplies for Non-Xerox Printers

Without a doubt, one of the keys to a successful business is the ability to understand your customers’ needs. One of my colleagues, Julian Patel, wrote about taking a ‘Walk in your customers’ shoes’ to become a trusted partner. He discusses what it takes to pre-empt customers’ needs, save them time, energy and money and become more successful.

I recently spoke with Wilma Hölscher, Office Manager at Twepa, one of my key partners in the Netherlands, to understand how they have become a trusted partner to their customers. Established in 1929, Twepa provides high quality office supplies at competitive prices to both retailers and manufacturers and it is one of only five companies specializing in packaging in the Netherlands.

Establishing a trusted one-stop-shop for customers

Twepa has built its success by becoming a one-stop shop – providing computers, printers and supplies for its ever-growing customer base. They promise to deliver anything a customer orders within one working day – a key differentiator for the business. Exceptional customer service is at the heart of what Twepa does, and the company holds a large amount of stock in order to fulfill those orders immediately.

Wilma explains, “Toner cartridges can be an expensive purchase for our customers. Introducing a more cost-effective, high quality alternative made perfect business sense. Switching to Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers means we can offer customers great quality products and earn more profit.”

It’s a question of quality

“Cost is an important factor to our customers – but so is quality. In the past we’ve tried to keep costs down for our customers by offering third-party compatible products. However, we had a number of complaints about the quality. When a customer complains, we listen and we need to act fast,” continued Wilma. “We care about the quality of the products we provide to customers and since we started offering Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers, we’ve had no customer complaints. And that’s the real test.”

“Our customers trust that the products we sell are backed by the Xerox brand. They get peace of mind with their  purchases of supplies because of the Xerox Lifetime Warranty. Customers also benefit from a broad range of products compatible with the offerings of major printer manufacturers. For us, it’s a win-win scenario.”

Since making the switch to selling Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox Printers, Twepa has experienced increased demand from its customer base and has benefitted from improved margins. Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers can deliver impressive profit margins to its resellers and a cost savings of 25%-40% to customers when compared to OEM products.

“Our commitment is to help our customers achieve success – by offering the best possible products at the lowest prices and delivering exceptional levels of customer service. Xerox supplies for non-Xerox printers enable us to do that and achieve higher margins on our sales,” concludes Wilma.

I’m pleased that Twepa has experienced success offering Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers and met the needs of its customers. To find out more about the benefits of offering this range of offerings to customers – including a risk-free alternative to OEM supplies, a lifetime guarantee, lower costs and higher margins – contact us today.

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