Partner Spotlight – Misco (CANCOM) Takes Innovative Approach to Increase Revenues with Xerox Supplies

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Undertaking a program of continual improvement leads to long-term success

It’s no secret that customers have changed the way they look for and buy supplies for their businesses. So, its little wonder that my colleague Julian Patel’s article ‘Walk in your customers’ shoes to find ‘hidden’ revenue’ has inspired me to write about a great success story I’ve had with one of our German partners, Misco.

One of my partners, Misco, is a successful provider of IT products and services to businesses, consumers and the public sector. One of the reasons for the company’s success is its ability to continually adapt to changing customer demands. According to Mr. Daniel Conradi, Product Manager at Misco, “Keeping up to date with customer buying trends has been vital to our growth. We have learned to adapt regularly to ensure we know our customers, invest time in targeting them with relevant information and that we remain a trusted provider.”

Recognizing customer needs helps to generates sales

Misco began selling Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers in 2016, using the attractive price positioning to both draw new customers and expand their offering to their existing customer base. Mr. Conradi explains, “Our customers wanted to save money on their toner cartridges without losing print quality or risking damage to their printers. Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers have been very well received – demand is high and we’ve grown our customer base by 5% since we started selling the range.”

Misco’s marketing strategy has also contributed to this success, with a focus on government and small business end users. At the outset, Mr. Conradi and his team set a goal for the number of leads they wanted to generate from their contact database. The customer journey was optimized by driving traffic to a tailored, dedicated landing page that contains prominent online banner advertising. This approach has been so successful it has been set as standard for every sales promotion Misco runs.

New sales team launched to nurture success

Buoyed by the initial success, Misco invested in more manpower to sell Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers. It created a dedicated sales team operating out of its Neu-Isenburg office – a testament to the profit that can be generated on this range and ever-increasing customer demand. The good news is that the hard work, dedicated sales team and improved margins have contributed to an enviable 310% growth in sales through selling Xerox Supplies for other major printer brands. Plus, customers also win with savings of 25-40%* on the cost of their printer supplies.

Business growth through targeting and reviews

Misco, acquired by CANCOM in 2016, constantly works to improve its performance by conducting regular reviews and goal setting with the sales team. In addition, the company uses sales data to understand which products and strategies are most successful in order to plan the next sales promotions to boost profits. As a result, they recognized an opportunity for greater sales within the SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) business segment – an area of predicted growth.

Becoming a trusted partner

For Misco, the decision to work with Xerox has provided huge rewards – both financially and in terms of customer satisfaction. “Working with Xerox has enabled us to provide our customers with peace of mind when buying printer toner. Any customers who may be wary about choosing an alternative to their current brand of supplies can now put their trust in a range that is safe, high quality and risk-free,” states Mr. Conradi.

Misco’s story is an example of a company adapting its business model to offer clients the best possible options for their printer supplies – with great success. As Xerox continues to find new ways to support its partners, I look forward to working closely with Cancom to develop future strategies for growth. To find out more about Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers, contact us.

* End-user savings of 25-40% compared to OEM recommended retail prices.

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