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Introduction of Xerox Supplies for Non-Xerox printers range is a big success

Is there still profit in supplies?’ That was the subject my colleague, Julian Patel, discussed in one of his previous blog articles. It’s a good question and one that I answer a lot during my partner visits. It was also the topic of conversation when I first met with Reseller Trading Company Düsseldorf GmbH (R.T.C.), a brand new Xerox partner. The company was particularly interested to hear about the revenue opportunity from Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers – a profitable alternative to selling OEM supplies to customers.

During our first meeting, I presented the Xerox supplies for non-Xerox printers range to Alexander Usula, Managing Partner at R.T.C., and explained the benefits: high quality toner for consistent results, a 100% Lifetime Guarantee for risk-free printing and a huge range of cartridges for other major printer brands such as HP, Brother, Lexmark & OKI.

SMB customers save costs with RTC

Usula could see the benefits of selling Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers immediately, but R.T.C.’s decision to add the range to their portfolio was not taken lightly. He explains, “Our customers have high quality expectations of the products we supply, so we needed to know these toner cartridges would meet both our quality standards and our customer’s demands before we added them to our range.”

R.T.C.’s focus is on small to medium sized businesses such as doctors, lawyers and accountants, providing competitive prices and outstanding customer service across a range of printing and office products. As a result of introducing the Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers range, I’m pleased to say that R.T.C. has developed a new, profitable and previously untapped revenue source – generating 50% more revenue than planned.

Quality that customers can trust

According to Usula, “Once our customers experience Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers first-hand, they see the print quality matches what they’ve been used to and, of course, they also benefit from cost savings1. We find customer satisfaction to be very high and repeat orders keep us busy.” He continues, “The Xerox Supplies Lifetime Warranty also provides reassurance to our clients. They get peace of mind that they are purchasing a high quality, low risk product.”

The proof is in the numbers.  R.T.C. is currently 50% ahead of its plan for sales of Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers – highlighting to partners the opportunity to introduce a significant additional revenue stream. That’s a great achievement in less than a year. To maintain this sales performance, the company continues to promote the new range to its customers and prospects – with a clear focus on the SMB market – via email marketing using materials provided by Xerox, followed-up by the in-house telemarketing team.

Staff training for first class customer service

R.T.C. is so committed to Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers that it has trained its entire sales force on the range – which is a testament to the company’s confidence in the products and demonstrates their exceptional customer service ethos.

Usula concludes, “We worked with Bisar to ensure all our sales people were fully trained. They now completely understand how Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers perform and the benefits they bring. Being knowledgeable about the products we sell is an integral part of our customer service approach; it means we can demonstrate our expertise and confidence, answer customer inquiries and provide reassurance when required – all of which benefits our customers.”

As a result of its recent successes, R.T.C. is now promoting Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers to its entire existing customer base; as well as launching a campaign to attract customers seeking a cost-effective alternative following another OEM’s recent announcement about the cost of its printer supplies.

I’m pleased to say that by adding this new product line to their business, R.T.C. has uncovered a new source of low risk, repeatable revenue – one that I very much hope will continue to grow in the future.

If you would like to know more about growing your revenue with Xerox Supplies for non-Xerox printers, contact us today.

1. End-user savings of 25-40% compared to OEM recommended retail prices.

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