The Movement Toward Digitization

In a world where conducting business is progressively mobile, moving at a rapid speed, and increasingly competitive, the ability to streamline businesses process is of paramount importance—especially for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). SMBs are starting to move towards digitizing historically paper-intensive processes to address these operational challenges. What’s more, a large number of these companies are just starting to research and explore the market for managed print services (MPS) and the benefits of having an MPS contract. This represents an opportunity for Xerox channel partners.

There is frequently a disconnect between understanding the solutions that exist and how they can solve SMBs’ most frustrating pain points. By connecting specific product offerings to SMB needs, Xerox channel partners can capture new business and help current customers.

Drivers of digitization

An overarching theme for SMBs looking for digitization solutions is the desire to improve upon and streamline internal processes—leading to overall cost savings. A recent survey report1 looked at which factors are causing SMBs to make the move towards digitization. The survey found that cost reduction, paper storage reduction, and time savings associated with digitizing print processes were two major factors. External, customer-facing factors, such as response time, were less of a priority.

It’s still early in the game

In the same survey report, 41% of US SMBs stated that they were at the very outset of starting the digitization process. Another important finding of the report was that 20% of SMBs would like to implement a digitization plan, but don’t know what solutions exist to replace paper-intensive processes. This is a huge opportunity for Xerox channel partners to build awareness around Xerox solutions and engage prospective customers. With a cadre of tools and offerings, Xerox channel partners can educate and capture the attention of SMBs at the beginning of their search for digitization solutions.

Solutions that can help

Xerox has many solutions and product offerings that can help SMBs start their process of digitization. Several of these include:

  • MPS assessments
  • Multifunction printers (MFPs)
  • ConnectKey Technology
  • MPS assessment tools, like Xerox CompleteView Pro, provide analytics that help SMBs understand things like current operating costs and performance data across devices. This tool can also help SMBs model things like “what-if” scenarios to estimate device capacity. Having the technology to quickly analyze these elements is a huge value-add service for SMBs—and also one that many SMBs don’t know exists.

Xerox has several MFP options that improve SMB productivity and centralize capabilities like single-pass scanning, mobile connectivity, and customized workflows all in one device. Printers with capabilities like this were previously only accessible for large enterprises. Now, with new product offerings like the recently introduced Xerox WorkCentre® 6515 MFP and the Xerox Phaser® 6510 color printer, these are within reach of smaller businesses as well.

Xerox ConnectKey Technology works with MFPs to use applications to help simplify business processes. ConnectKey apps let SMBs do things like print and scan for DropBox, OneDrive, Box and Office 365. A big differentiator of ConnectKey is that it doesn’t require a dedicated server; it can be easily downloaded to an ConnectKey enabled MFP via USB, for example.

How can partners help?

By familiarizing themselves with the needs and goals of SMBs, Xerox partners can become subject-matter experts on how Xerox solutions match specific needs. Taking time to understand the advantages of Xerox offerings and talking to prospective customers about how solutions align to goals like increased productivity and cost-reduction, set Xerox partners up to capitalize on the SMBs moving towards a fully digital workplace.

1. Coleman Parkes Research for Xerox Corporation, published September 2016

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