Growing with Office Printers– Two Perspectives from New Xerox Channel Partners

If you were a successful IT reseller, and you wanted to grow your business, would you consider adding office printer hardware to your portfolio?

What if you sold light production printer equipment? Would selling the humble office printer be the next step in your growth strategy?

Perhaps at first you might need a fair amount of convincing. At Xerox, we’d ask you to consider this…

Not Just a Printer or MFP – a Workplace Assistant

Innovation continues to drive behavioral changes in today’s workplace. Documents are stored, retrieved, shared and printed, to – and – from the cloud, using apps that work the way today’s workforce expects. It is an exciting time to be part of today’s office printing evolution as we pinch, swipe, tap and speak to our printers and MFPs – not just our smartphones and tablets.

So is it such a surprise that two of our newest channel partners saw office printers and MFPs as a growth opportunity for their business?

An IT Reseller Perspective

ED Data, is an IT Reseller based in Denmark’s 2nd largest city, Aarhus. ED Data provides a wealth of IT services to its customers. The company had spent many years selling IT equipment and was expanding the business.

ed data

They spotted their first office printing opportunity by providing entry-level A4 devices from a non-Xerox manufacturer and soon added a sales rep to focus exclusively on printers and MFPs. By analyzing their client base, they felt the biggest opportunity lay in A3.

Left : Xerox Sales director Peter Dollerup. Right: Morten Vernon Nielsen – Co-owner of BCO

Whilst their clients knew Xerox, ED Data did not know if they would be able to sell Xerox’s ‘high-end’ smart A3 printers and MFPs. After checking with other Xerox channel partners to establish peer feedback, a meeting was set with the Xerox team. That’s where they heard first-hand, how Xerox provides channel partners with a value proposition that extended beyond A4 and A3 hardware and supplies, into apps and managed print services.

They were impressed enough that after that one meeting, ED Data became a part of the Xerox global partner program selling the entire office printer and MFP range. With their IT knowledge and experience, they could see that today’s smart printers and MFPs act as an intersection point between the physical and digital worlds. Their next step is to explore the possibilities with Xerox Partner Print Services – the Xerox managed print services offering designed for specifically for channel partners. Light Production Printer Provider Perspective

Also based in Denmark, Business Center Ørestad (BCO) have worked with Xerox since they were founded in 2015.  The two founders began in the printing industry before coming together to form their own company. As a new small business it wasn’t easy to find anyone to finance or lease products to them.

Xerox Finance Services came to the rescue and were able to help BCO to build their initial business. With their experience and knowledge of the printing industry, the Xerox® Color C60/C70 and Xerox® Versant® Family of Presses were the obvious starting point for their Xerox relationship.

Once they had the Xerox brand on board, it was not long before clients asked about other Xerox products, this gave the BCO founders the confidence add Xerox office printers and MFPs too.

The company has now grown to include three full-time phone schedulers who work to book meetings for their four sales reps. Behind the scenes, they have added a technician and a back-office manager.

Recently, after successfully growing their business with Xerox, they received Gold level status in the Xerox global partner program. No small feat in such a short time.

BCO is a great example of how, with the right focus and the right portfolio, a business – and its profits, can grow quickly.

Where Do You Want to Grow?

ED date and BCO may come from different worlds, but each is successfully growing their business with office printers and MFPs. With the ability to personalize the interactive experience between the office worker and the device. Plus, the ability to simplify office tasks by building document workflow that can reduce errors, speed up transaction times and help their clients become more competitive – it’s no wonder that they see plenty of opportunity in office printing.

Become a Xerox Channel PartnerBecome a Xerox Channel Partner
If you ‘d like to explore the possibilities of selling Xerox Office printers and MFPs and learn more about the exciting opportunities Xerox technology and innovation can bring to your clients we’d like to hear from you.

Contact your Xerox account manager, or review the Xerox Global Partner Program and apply to become a Xerox channel partner today, together we can grow your business.



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