Partner Spotlight: Engaging Millennials with Xerox Offerings

In traditional marketing models, nearly every business has a specific target demographic that is unique to the products and services they provide. But in today’s market there seems to be one common group that everyone is chasing after: millennials. Advice is given, articles are written, seminars taught, all on the subject of capturing the attention of that elusive unicorn, the millennial generation. Defined by their preference for a flat corporate culture, emphasis on work-life balance and higher social consciousness, this new generation of consumers is increasingly representative of business leaders as well.

As more millennials take their seats at the (conference room) table, sometimes virtually, this changing of the guard further shifts us away from customary business models and the standard business atmosphere we’ve known and into a new, digitally driven world.

New Technology Combined with Effective Customer Service

Based in France, Xerox Channel Partner Document Store has been able to capture the attention of this new generation of business people thanks to a unique understanding of their wants and needs – with help from Xerox.

Document Store has kept abreast of industry changes and has their finger on the pulse of technology, which has given them a thorough understanding of its shifts and evolutions. They’ve made it their business – literally – to understand the trends that are driving business forward and generating growth, and they’re capitalizing on that knowledge to win with this highly sought after demographic.

There’s an App for That

This is a generation that has taken the idea of work-life balance and made it a practice rather than an aspiration. Naturally apps and cutting edge print solutions that will help them save time and money, streamline processes and enable remote workers, are a surefire win. Offerings like Managed Print Services and ConnectKey Technology® with its wide range of apps are improving the flow of work for businesses around the world, and millennials have taken notice. Document Store has done an excellent job of listening to their clients and addressing their unique pain points, showing uncommon insight into this emerging market of business owners.

Making Print Relevant to Customers in Every Walk of Life

It’s these unique insights and their success with innovative products and solutions that have helped Document Store drive home an essential point to their millennial audience: that print remains a critical element for every business, and that there are new and better ways to approach it. They are succeeding in emphasizing the value of print – and streamlined print processes – to a new generation of business owners is a wide range of industries, including:

  • Food Industry
  • Luxury goods
  • Law firms
  • Advertising and Communications
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Retail
  • Private Banking
  • Insurance

And what’s more, bringing print back to the forefront with an audience that once may have been quick to dismiss it.

Customer Reviews and Reputation Matter

But it isn’t just their ability to improve business processes that has this new generation of small and medium business (SMB) owners relying on Document Store. They are also flourishing thanks to their established reputation as an agile and business oriented company with a high focus on sales expertise and customer service. The friendly, team oriented approach appeals to younger SMB owners, who like to see that Document Store’s employees know each other well and that they share common projects and goals. Millennials approve of Document Store’s low employee turnover and favorable work environment, as well as the continuous training given to each employee, and their high standard of management engagement. The establishment of a strong trust relationship enables sales and also secures repeat business.

They’re also speaking to their audience in its own language – and having fun doing it. Take a look at their recent Mannequin Challenge video on YouTube produced by their very creative employees.

Document Store Mannequin Challenge Video

Applying a Traditional Approach to Reach a New Audience

In an age where everyone is clamoring to reach new audiences with new ideas to generate additional business, it seems the best way is, ironically, the way we’ve always known. Be authentic. Listen to your customers. Understand their needs, and offer the best products, services and solutions available to meet them.

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