More Paths to Profit: Xerox Launches the 2019 Global Partner Program

The one constant in the channel is change, and the same argument could be made for Xerox, which has been evolving with the way of work for decades. Today’s Xerox is a technology powerhouse built on innovation. It is more channel focused than ever before, and as fully committed as ever to helping customers work better and channel partners grow revenue.

The latest evolution in a long pattern of forward momentum is the new 2019 Global Partner Program. The new program was designed to help partners expand into new sources of predictable profit with award-winning products, supplies and solutions that are simple to sell, easy to consume and readily create life-long customer loyalty.

Three Paths to Profit

Every business owner, regardless of industry or route to market, is hungry for greater profits. That’s why it’s no surprise that few promises resonate with partners more than the promise of increasing wallet share. Which is why Xerox made this a primary focus of the 2019 Global Partner Program, with a strategy centered on three paths to profit:

  • New program offerings to help our partners bring fresh ideas and solutions to their customers. Channel partners already know that Xerox offers an award-winning portfolio of world class products, software, app-enabled business class devices and production print, as well as an industry-leading managed print portfolio. We will continue to innovate in these four areas, offering partners problem solving solutions that will not only help them increase wallet share, but generate recurring revenue and build long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Accreditations to create pathways to expanding their Xerox business, leading to greater marketability and profit. The Managed Print Services (MPS) Accreditation is a formalized and comprehensive program to create a clear path to managed print mastery, while Authorized Service Provider (ASP) Accreditation enables Partners to fully support select customer equipment. Each accreditation program has a learning path that consists of web-based or classroom training. Partners are rewarded for their efforts as they work through the learning paths and build proficiency in their desired area of focus.
  • Increased Demand Generation opportunities to help enhance partners’ ability to target

their unique services and offerings to customers, driving awareness and demand for             their business. A wealth of marketing tools and resources have been created to help our partners succeed. Partners who join the new Global Partner Program will find support to help them better engage customers, close business, and accelerate success.

Progressive Partnership

Already recognized as exceptional, it took much thought and care to decide how and where to improve the existing Global Partner Program in a way that was practical and would effectively meet partners’ changing needs. Feedback from our partners was an important part of that strategy. Partners love the business and marketing support that Xerox has historically provided, so increasing that support was a primary goal. Xerox partners will have access to on-site customer engagement at Xerox Customer Experience Centers around the world, as well as access to training and tools, and content syndication that will give partners the right kind of support to better enable them to not only reach new customers, but retain them for life.

Partners will be excited to learn that they can plan for profitability and invest in their business knowing that significant hardware and supplies rebates start with the first dollar earned.. Partners across all routes to market will find that the new program creates a streamlined and consistent experience. Most importantly, the new Global Partner Program is all about ease – ease of doing business with Xerox, and most of all, ease of succeeding with the Xerox portfolio.

Channel Partners are an integral part of putting Xerox’s innovative print technologies and intelligent work solutions into the hands of customers, so they can communicate and work better. Contact a Xerox account manager today to find out how the new Global Partner Program can provide you with more opportunities and more paths to profit in the new year to come.

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Contact your Xerox account manager, or review the Xerox Global Partner Program and apply to become a Xerox channel partner today, to find out how we will help grow your business.

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